Stretch Mark & Scar Camouflage

What is Microneedling?

AKA Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) used a device to create micro-wounds in the upper layer of the dermis of the skin. These micro-injuries trigger the bodies natural healing process, producing new collagen and elastin. Results are; improves skins elasticity, texture, discoloration, corrects sun damage, stimulates hair growth for thinning hair/hair loss (for scalp), and reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and fine lines/wrinkles. Microneedling or procell microchanneling can be done on the face, neck, and chest for anti-aging, on the scalp to help stimulate hair growth, or on scars/stretch marks to help minimize their appearance and revise the area. Elsa uses several different needling techniques to improve scars and stretch marks; microneedling, dry needling, and procell microchanneling. She feels it is wise to try and “treat” the area before covering it up with a camouflage tattoo if appropriate.

How many Sessions do I need? How far apart?

Number of sessions vary from person to person. It is a process. Stretch mark and Scar cases usually need a number of sessions, we typically do 3 and reevaluate. A client could see desired results with 3 or less sessions, or he/she could require 4-6 session, or require as many as 8-12 for maximum/best results. We take it a session at a time, everyone’s skin is different and responds to treatment differently. Some respond more rapidly and better than others. Elsa guarantees 50% improvement of the area, how many treatments/sessions it takes to get to 50% is unknown. Many clients get more than 50% improvement but she rather under promise and over deliver than the other way around. Treatments are typically 4-8 weeks apart. You start to see results in 4 weeks, collagen will continue to build up to 3 months after each treatment. Results are gradual. Weight fluctuation (weight gain) can negatively effect results of worked on stretch marks or can create new stretch marks. Scars and/or stretch marks need to be at least 9-12 months old to be able to be worked on safely. At the free consult Elsa will assess the area, go over medical history/previous treatments, do a skin evaluation, go over the most appropriate treatment plan/options, and provide you a quote that is per session. How many sessions you will need is unknown-scars and stretch marks can be stubborn and everyones skin is different and responds to treatment differently therefore we take it a session at time. Elsa also assesses the area to make sure it is ready to be worked on, some people need longer than 9-12 months of healing before she can begin treatment.

What’s it Like While I Heal?

It takes on average 30 days for our cells to turn over and go through the different phases of healing, therefore you will start to see results for either microneedling/dry needling/procell microchanneling in about 30 days. Every decade after 30 add a week to expect to start to see results. Results are gradual and vary. As we get older our skin thins out and it takes longer for our cells to turn over. Collagen can continue to build for 3 months after each microneedling/procell treatment/ dry needling treatment. In the meantime follow the after care instructions that will be provided to you. The skin with appear a little more dry than normal for the first couple of weeks. For the first couple of days the skin will take on a pink/red color and feel as though you got a sunburn, you must stay out of the sun as directed in your aftercare to avoid hyperpigmentation and adverse effects. Applying serums provided, sensitive skin moisturizer, witch hazel, and using sensitive skin body or face wash will be beneficial while healing. If Elsa is treating a scar the use of pure vitamin e oil or grape seed oil and/or a silicone scar product may be advised to be used as well during the healing process. Specific written after care instructions and kit will be provided to you, as well as Elsa’s direct number that you may call or text anytime with questions or concerns while you are healing.

What is Tattooing to Camouflage the Area?

If Microneedling has gotten us as far as it’s going to take us, or isn’t the appropriate modality and/or you wish to just get camouflage. Elsa will then go in with diluted pigments and the appropriate needle configuration and implant the pigments to the appropriate layer to color match the scar or stretch mark to blend back into the natural skin. Therefore the mark or scar blends into the healthy skin again as closely as possible. She cannot camouflage you if the area has a tan, it’s best to camouflage the area to match your natural skin color. Elsa only tattoos lighter (hypopigmented) skin, scars, or stretch marks darker to blend into the clients natural skin tone. She does not tattoo darker scars, skin, or stretch marks lighter due to how it will age. Titanium dioxide is found in flesh tone pigments, when/if used in to high or heavy of concentrations (not diluted) in order to be able to cover darker scars, skin, or stretch marks it ages poorly and looks too opaque/fake looking. Skin is translucent and multi-tonal, therefore we want the results to reflect that and look natural. Titanium dioxide is a large molecule and difficult to remove if it ages/heals poorly, therefore Elsa does not tattoo darker skin, stretch marks, or scars lighter. Also only wide hypopigmented stretch marks are a candidate for stretch mark camouflage tattoo, (She advises to attempt microneedling/dry needling to treat stretch marks before resorting to implanting color/pigment.) Elsa does not tattoo very small/thin stretch marks. Smaller stretch marks can be revised with simply microneedling and/or dry needling techniques. Elsa does not tattoo scars that do not have a color issue and only have a texture issue, She will microneedle and/or dry needle to improve the texture issue and help smooth out the scar. Elsa does not work on keloids (scars that look like lesions, they protrude from and beyond wound site). If you have a hypertrophic scar (scars that protrude slightly from wound site) consult with a dermatologist about getting a kenalog or cortisone steroid injection(s) that will help flatten the scar before and/or after treatment. She prefers to tattoo or needle flat or indented hypopigmented scars. The trauma of the needles can cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation in any tattooing or needling procedure that will go away with time, once it does we can reassess & proceed with treatment. (This possible side effect is more commonly found when working on clients with darker skin tones). Or the trauma of the needles can make flat or flattened scars protrude if an over production of collagen occurs. If that happens see a dermatologist about the kenalog or cortisone steroid injection to flatten the scar back out. This is a process as well, it’s about layering diluted pigment to blend the area back into your natural skins color. Number of sessions needed are unknown for each client and vary. Sessions are on average 4-8 weeks apart (sometimes longer), the area may scab up slightly after the tattoo procedure for a week or so, let the scabs fall off naturally, you will be given after care ointment, a kit, and written instructions with all the do’s and don’ts. You will see results in about 4-8 weeks depending on your age due to cellular turnover and the phases of healing you must go through. If you come back and the area is still red or pink and Elsa cannot see the healed pigment color yet you will be sent home to heal longer until that subsides and results are visible. If Elsa cannot see the healed color she cannot assess the results properly to implant more color. Typically the area will appear red for a couple of weeks after procedure. (Red, pink , itchy skin are all signs of healing skin). Keep the tattooed area out of the sun. Once the scabs are off you may apply sunblock & clean makeup to the area if desired for a scar that is in a visible area. You won’t see the results once the scabs are off, it takes 4-8 weeks for the color to bloom and the results to be visible. Results are gradual and vary for each client. She has had much success with this procedure and has performed thousands of camouflage and microneedling/dry needling procedures. Elsa will tell you the best products to use or that can be used during your healing in your aftercare print out. You will also be provided with an aftercare kit. You will have Elsa’s direct number and can call or text anytime while you are healing with any questions or concerns.

Please book a free consult before booking your first scar, hypopigmented skin, or stretch mark camouflage procedure, or before booking a microneedling/dry needling/procell microchanneling appointment for scars or stretch marks.