Li-FT Ink Removal Training

Elsa & Angela Torresiani, CPCP are official Li-FT Pigment Removal/Lightening Trainers through Teryn Darling/Girlz Ink.

For the most up to date class schedule go to Classes are held at our 4022 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island NY, 10308 Location. Flawless Academy at Flawless Permanent Cosmetics & Spa. Staten Island borough of NYC.

Both artists have been doing corrections and PMU Removal/Lightening for years & are honored to teach this procedure with Li Pigments Li-FT Pigment/Ink Removal/Lightening Solution. After years of trying other lightening products & techniques they found Li-FT to be superior. Manufactured by Li Pigments right in NJ USA. This product is truly a game changer. The main ingredients being salt and citrus that help break up the encapsulated pigment found in the skin. Roughly about 30% comes out each session and causes way less trauma than Tattoo Removal Laser. Which is essential for when it come’s time to redo the area. The more scar tissue that is present the less retention is achieved when/if the area is re-tattooed. (More trauma = more scar tissue= less retention of new pigment.) As we know we can tattoo lighter areas darker but not the other way around for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing due to how it will age. Also if the shape is awful and/or the area is over saturated with pigment we need to seek removal/lightening techniques to rectify this before color/shape correction can take place. Having this tool in your tool-kit will be essential as more and more clients unfortunately need corrective services due to poor PMU received. Learn how to perform this safe and effective procedure today!

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