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Brows| 3D Microbladed or Nano Hairstroke Eyebrows, Powder Eyebrows, or Ombre Eyebrows $575| 2 Sessions  *Nano Machine Hairstrokes +$50

Elsa’s Signature Eyebrow| Combination Eyebrows: Combo of Powder & 3D Hairstrokes $650| 2 Sessions 

*No Eyebrow Hair or Requires Color Correction +$75



Lips| Full Lip Color or Ombre Lips $650| Blush Lips: Blended Lip Liner $525| Lip Liner $450| 2 Sessions


Eyes| Eyeliner, or Eyelash Enhancement| Top or Bottom Lid $350| Top & Bottom Lid $500| Smokey or Winged Eyeliner +$50| 2 Sessions


Eyeshadow + Eyeliner| Top or Bottom Lid $450| Top & Bottom Lid $600| 2 Sessions


2nd Session Touch Ups for Brows, Lips, or Eyes are Free, 3rd Sessions are an Additional $150.  Sessions are 6-8 weeks apart.  You have up to 6 months from your first session to use your free second session touch up.


Patch Test|  $50 Fee.  Elsa will implant color and you will return in 30 days for Elsa to observe the results.  


Camouflage| Scar, Stretch Mark, Hypo-pigmentation, or Skin Camouflaging.| $50 Color Match Patch Test| $175 Per Hour| Or Customized Packages Available| Based on Consult| Reevaluate After 2 Sessions


3D Areola Reconstruction Micropigmentation| $430 One Breast| $600 Both Breasts| 2 Sessions

Every October 3 Areola Procedures are Donated to Clients 1+ year(s) in remission.  Email Elsa to inquire


Scalp AestheticsScalp Micropigmentation|  $175 Per Hour for Small Area Only| $700-$3,000+ Packages for Medium-Large Areas| 3 Sessions| Based on Consult & Measurement



Removal: Saline Solution| $199 Per Session| Or Customized Packages Available| Based on Consult| Reevaluate After 2 Sessions.  (Before removal is top Photo.)



Corrective Work| Based on Consult| Reevaluate After 2 Sessions


Not my work     



Beauty Marks| Freckle- No Full Face Freckles| $50 Each


Dermarolling or Microneedling Pen| $175-$250 for Small to Large Areas| Per Treatment/Area or Customized Packages Available| Often included with Camouflage Packages.







Touch Ups| 1 Year or less $150|  1+ to 3 Years $150-$250| 3+ Years Based on Retention| Determined at Free Consult| Based on Retention, Age, and Condition of desired area.  Price for a Touch Up of my work differs from if another Artist worked on you previously.   Please be aware that there is a difference between a touch up and corrective work if you are coming from another artist.  If the pigment implanted by another artist is very faded it is no longer a touch up and will be full price.   If the pigment is in good shape a touch up from another artist is $250.

Before on bottom, after on top


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