Read Before Procedure

What Do I Need To Know Before Coming In For My Procedure in NYC & Chicago?

Chicago Clients; please come inside of Salons by Jc, 2nd floor. Please come at time of appointment and wait at glass doors and dial 57 on directory or text 646.740.6247 and Elsa will escort you to her suite. (Suite 19.) Validated/discounted garage (Broadway Surf Garage) and street parking is available. If you park in the garage take the North Elevator to the 2nd floor.

NYC Clients; please come at time of appointment & no children under 13 are permitted on the premises. Street parking is available.

What to expect will be explained during a free consultation or during the consultation portion of the procedure appointment if you do not need nor wish to come in prior for a separate free consult, after care instructions will also be explained in person and given in writing. For questions or concerns feel free to text/call 646.740.6247 or email Elsa anytime directly.

If YOU HAVE EVER HAD Permanent Makeup done by another artist or are seeking Scalp, Areola, Scar/Skin/Stretch Mark Camouflage, or Corrections you must come in first for a free consult.
NO EXCEPTIONS- Failure to tell us that you had previous Permanent Makeup and you do not come in prior for a consult and book a procedure, we will cancel you and you will owe a $50 fee.

How we are changing due to COVID-19 to protect everyone; Please go to COVID-19 Protocols. Elsa & Staff have been fully vaccinated.

Late & Cancelation Policy: If you are 15 minutes or later you must reschedule & will be subject to paying the $50 cancelation fee or loss of deposit, this applies if you are coming from out of town clients too so please plan accordingly. If Elsa is running behind on a procedure she will contact you ASAP- sometimes complications can arise as she is permanently altering people’s faces/bodies & dealing with pain management. She refuses to rush on any client.

We have a strict 72 hour cancelation notice policy or you will lose your deposit and/or pay a $50 cancelation fee. To view all of Elsa & Flawless’s Policies go to Policies Chicago or Policies NYC.

Do’s & Don’ts, and Other Important Information:

No; heavy working out day of procedure, or consumption of Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Caffeine, or alcohol 24 hours before procedure. (A cup of coffee day of or a drink the night before is fine.) You will bleed more and retain the pigment less if this advisement is not followed. If you take Aspirin daily per your Doctors orders please get permission from your doctor before discontinuing. Request to be off the Aspirin 3-5 days prior to procedure. You may go back on the aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol, and/or caffeine after the procedure.

I cannot work on anyone; pregnant (or within 6 months of giving birth for hormones to re-regulate which will effect retention/healed color), nursing (risk of infection which can be passed to the baby via the breast milk), on blood thinners (if you take blood thinners get permission from Doctor to discontinue for 3-5 days prior to procedure), on antibiotics, currently sunburnt/tanned, under 18 years old, insulin dependent diabetic, undergoing major health/skin issues/treatments, blood clotting disorder, or have a history of keloid scarring.

Certain medical conditions, skin types/conditions, and medications will/can affect results and/or prohibit my ability to work on you or provide you with the desired technique. I do a free consult with everyone either separately or day of procedure depending on the case. {If you are not sure if you are a candidate for the desired procedure please book a free consult prior to procedure or contact the business/Elsa.}

Prospective client must wait 6 months-1 year after Chemotherapy or Radiation is completed to get permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing due to risk of infection & potential retention/color issues caused from the chemicals in chemo or compromised skin from radiation. Doctors consent is required for me to work on anyone in remission 1 year or under.

I will not Microblade or perform Hairstroke Technique on anyone who has oily skin. It will heal blotchy, blurry, and not as desired. However I offer other Brow techniques that are natural looking and are compatible for oily skinned clients. (Powder or Ombre Eyebrow Technique is the best alternative for an oily skin type.) The Microblade is not a blade, it is needles. It causes more trauma to the skin than the machine techniques that Elsa also offers. She will discuss with you which technique is the best for you. If unsure always give us a call or text at 1.646.740.6247.

Please be prepared for your appointment and honest about any condition(s), medication(s), or circumstance that may affect my ability to work on you. If you did not disclose a condition, allergy, or element that could affect your results Flawless is not liable.

Also if you do not disclose that you had prior permanent cosmetics, accurate date of application, and it requires correction beyond my capability, come in with a tan or sunburn, pregnant/trying/nursing, underage, have a breakout or injury on/near desired area, recently had a chemical peel on/near desired area, under the influence, drank heavily the night before (thins blood or is on any blood thinners), or have any issues (medical or other) that would prevent me from working on you, your appointment will be canceled and subject to my cancellation policy $50 fee. If you aren’t sure call or email me and/or book a free consult before booking a procedure.

If you have EVER had previous permanent makeup/microblading done by another artist, have special circumstances, seeking a medical tattoo ( Areola, Camouflage, or Scalp), or require corrective work please book free consult prior to booking a procedure. If you have previous permanent makeup by another technician I may not be able to work on you depending on its condition, or removal/corrective work may be required to correct the area properly which is a process and additional fees. If it is not my work and you are a first time client of mine please understand that there is a difference between a touch up and corrective work. During a complimentary consultation I will determine if it requires correction, and provide you an exact quote. If it does not require correction I will charge you based on your level of retention, which may be a touch up fee, not full price. However I have to see it in person to determine this, and how much the touch up fee would be. My touch up fee’s for someone else’s work (start at $250) is different than the touch up fees for my work. If it requires corrective work the price could be more than if you had virgin skin because it requires more work and possibly more sessions than a virgin skinned client or traditional touch up. Some cases may be to severe and require Laser Tattoo Removal ( I recommend the Pico Laser, there are different good tattoo removal lasers out there for different colors. Please note if you do plan to re-tattoo the area, once it is lasered retention thereafter is very compromised due to scar tissue build up. This option is best if you do not plan to redo the area.) Saline Solution Removal is best for Permanent Makeup and the best removal method if you plan to redo the area. If you got laser removal you must wait 6 months before you can get pmu.

If a breakout/injury occurs on area that you desire your tattoo please cancel because we will not be able to work on that area until it clears up/heals. I block hours of my time for every procedure. Therefore I have a strict 72 hour cancellation policy, and if you are running 15+ minutes late you will have to reschedule, and be aware that I get very booked out. Also a fee, loss of deposit may be applied so please plan accordingly. I will not push other clients appointments back because you could not make your appointment or be on time. Please be understanding if I am running a few minutes behind, I am managing pain during each procedure and what I do is permanent I cannot/will not rush. If I have to stop frequently to allow the anesthetic to sit for additional time so the client is not in pain that may push me back. So your cooperation and understanding is very much appreciated, I do my best to stay on schedule.


Due to risk of infection I cannot work on anyone pregnant, trying, nursing, sick, or undergoing serious medical treatments.  There are Medical issues/conditions, medications, and skin conditions that may result in my not being able to move forward with the procedure, or a Doctor’s written consent may be required prior to beginning our work.  If you are not sure about something please do not hesitate to call me prior to booking, book a free consult, or seek Medical clearance.  All of my policies apply to those coming from out of town, so it is imperative that you read this before coming in.  If you aren’t sure about something give me a call or text.

If you are getting Scalp Micropigmentation please wash your hair the day of and arrive with dry clean hair.  No product applied to the hair or scalp after washing before procedure.

Lash growth serums should discontinued a minimum of 4 weeks prior to eyeliner procedure. False lashes and contacts must be removed prior to procedure. plan to wear glasses for the first 5 days post eyeliner or lash enhancement procedure.

Botox (or neurotoxins) should be performed 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the procedure.

Fillers should be performed 6 weeks before or 6 weeks after the procedure.

Must be off Accutane for 1 year prior to procedure.  (Thins skin, NO EXCEPTIONS.)

If you EVER have had a cold sore & are interested in lips please seek an anti-viral script (like Valtrex) from Doctor to take around 5 days prior and post lip procedure to avoid a cold sore outbreak. No health insurance? As long as your Doctor Permits L-Lysine Vitamin can help reduce cold sore breakout, take 4 weeks prior and 2 weeks post with Doctor’s consent if a script is out of the question.

If you have darker brown lips, very melanin abundant please send Elsa photo’s first to make sure you are a candidate. due to possible permanent discoloration with working on more naturally pigmented lips Elsa and associates do not tattoo darker brown lips to avoid causing disfigurement. Text photo to 1.646.740.6247 to make sure you are a candidate or come in for a free consultation that may be booked online for either NYC or Chicago locations.

Scars/Stretch Marks must be 9-12 months old minimum before Elsa/Staff can work on them, with a free consultation completed prior to booking procedure.

Elsa Does NOT work on Vitiligo. Unfortunately this is an autoimmune disorder which can spread/reactivate if/when being tattooed. Therefore she does not work on this skin condition.

If you are seeking chemical peels or microneedling services please contact Elsa/Flawless directly for that information. 1.646.740.6247 txt or call. Or email

No chemical peels or lasers 60 days prior near/on desired area and must wait 60 days after.  If you do this post procedure make sure the tech stays 1 inch away from brows or treated area. (avoiding the forehead is recommended if you are getting Brows). IF YOU DO FREQUENT PEELS AND LASER TREATMENTS THE PMU WILL FADE QUICKER DUE TO THE CHEMICALS OR LASER TRAVELING UNDER THE SKIN.  TELL TECHNICIAN TO KEEP PRODUCTS/LASER A FINGER DISTANCE AWAY FROM THE PMU (permanent makeup/microblading), SMP, OR PARAMEDICAL TATTOO.

Retinols/Retin-A’s, other anti-aging creams or serums containing acids WILL fade your permanent makeup prematurely EVEN AFTER IT IS HEALED.  Apply 1 inch away from pmu to avoid this.  You must be OFF all Retinols/Retin-A 30 days prior to appt on area that you will be getting the procedure. and for at least 30 days or more after the appt.  The area will bleed and pigment will not heal properly if this is not followed.  If you resume the retinols, after the 30+ days after your procedure, your brows WILL fade quickly due to the chemicals in the creams.  They WILL blur and fade faster.  You may use Retinol or Retinoids 1 inch away from the brows or permanent makeup if desired so it does not affect the area.

If you bleach your eyebrows, it is recommended not to have this procedure done.  The chemicals WILL bleach the hair & the pigment as well.

Waxing/Surgaring/Threading, and/or Tinting of eyebrows should be done 1 week prior to brow appointment.  May continue 2 weeks post procedure as long as the scab/dry skin is off.

False Eyelashes must be removed prior to eyeliner procedure and may be reapplied 1 month post eyeliner procedure.

All Medical Tattoos and Permanent Makeup are a form of a tattoo and most likely will form a crust/scab like a body tattoo. Some people scab/crust worse than others.

Oily-large pored clients may not be the best candidates for 3D Hairstroke Microbladed Eyebrows because they can/will heal blurry, solid, poor retention, and have more of a powder effect to them.  You are better suited for a Powder Eyebrow or Combination Eyebrow, which I offer. 

Color- We try to match the brow hair to the pigment, taking in account your undertones.  Your undertones plus the pigment color equals the result color. We can go a little lighter or a little darker than your brow hair but we cannot deviate to far from it or it’ll look funky when healed.  Darker the color- cooler the color (no such thing as a warm dark brown in tattooing, we strive for a neutral dark brown but it will ash out with time due to how we break down different colors in the pigment.  For lips and eyes we have a variety of colors to choose from. 

Typically darker colors last longer than lighter colors- touch ups needed vary from client to client.  Machine and Hand tool work penetrate the same level of skin (upper layer of the Dermis, Papillary Junction.)  However due to how the pigment is implanted into that layer of skin machine work tends to create less scar tissue and lasts longer before requiring a touch up than hand tool work. 

There is Maintenance Involved. Annual Touch ups go as follows; Brows- every 1-3 years, Eyeliner/Lips 2-5 years, Scalp/Camouflage/Areola 2-8+ years.

If you have a history of Keloid Scarring I cannot work on you because there is a risk of scarring with permanent makeup; anytime a needle is put to the skin and the skin is broken there is a risk of scarring.  No exceptions, it is not worth the risk.  There is a difference between keloids and hypertrophic scarring.  A keloid protrudes out significantly, will grow back if removed, is an excess of collagen/scar tissue, and is almost like a benign lesion.  If you are concerned of scarring, chemical sensitivity, or an allergic reaction we may perform a patch test.  Patch tests are helpful but please be advised that allergic reactions can surface months to years post procedure.  If you are not sure if you have or have had a keloid consult your Doctor.

Permanent Makeup is “a scar of color” therefore over time as your scar tissue levels increase, touch ups must be spaced out more, and ink retention may not be as good as time goes on.  (Also sensitivity may increase so be prepared for having the anesthetic on you longer in attempt to get you as comfortable as possible.)  So it is vital to take care of your permanent makeup to lessen the need of touch ups.  For example wear sun block spf 30+ out in the sun, no aggressive exfoliantes on your permanent makeup, ect.  There may/will come a time where you are no longer a candidate for permanent makeup- so take care of your skin and your permanent cosmetics!  Massaging Vitamin E oil or grape seed oil is great for scar tissue and worked on areas.  It promotes healing.  (Not to be applied during the healing phase, consult doctor if you have sensitive skin or allergies before trying new products.)  Avoiding excess sun exposure on scars or tattoo’s/permanent makeup is essential!  UV rays age the skin, and can make scar tissue grow-produce-and change color.  Anytime you have a trauma on the skin avoid excessive direct sun exposure.  Consult with your local Dermatologist or Esthetician for a customized skin care plan and to learn more about how to better take care of your unique skin!  After all it is the largest organ you’ve got!  I also recommend visiting a Doctor if you have any questions or concerns related to any medical issues that could interfere with the procedure you are interested in.  If you see signs of an infection-THIS IS RARE, while you are healing contact me, send me a photo, and see your Doctor right away.  Signs of infection would be oozing, pus present, excessive swelling/pain/discoloration, and the area would feel hot.  Avoid products with acid, retinol, retin-a on the area that you have permanent cosmetics, it will fade your pigment. 

If you are getting a Lip Procedure and have ever had a COLD SORE please have your Doctor Prescribe you Valtrex or a medication similar to Valtrex and take it 5 days prior and post lip procedure to avoid an outbreak.  Sometimes the procedure or lip injections can stimulate an outbreak, which could affect retention.  Lifestyle such as smoking, working out daily/heavy sweating, and drinking will most likely result in premature fading of your pigment and more touch ups needed.  Sweat has salt in it, salt breaks down pigment and is the main ingredient in my removal solution when I do removals.  Certain medications, a fast metabolism and certain health conditions such as high blood pressure can result in pigment being metabolized quicker, and more frequent touch ups needed.

I repeat PLEASE BE AWARE that if you are; an insulin dependent Diabetic, undergoing Chemo or serious medical or skin treatments, presently sick, have a history of Keloid scarring, on blood thinners, have a blood clotting disorder, under 18 years old, sunburnt/tanned/damaged/injured/broken out/compromised skin in/near the area that is to be worked on, or are pregnant/nursing/gave birth within 6 months, have bad Permanent Makeup and did not come in prior for free consult as policy &/or will not do removal or seek the proper corrective services that I recommend, or arrive 15+ minutes late for your procedure unfortunately I cannot work on you.  Even if you traveled from out of town, took off work ect.  Please plan accordingly and read this before coming in to avoid any inconvenience.

FOLLOW THE AFTERCARE: Aftercare for each procedure is slightly different, therefore Elsa/staff will explain verbally and in writing what needs to be done at either free consult, over the phone/email, or day of procedure. What you do at home can mess up the results and/or lead to an infection. Following the aftercare is vital.

EXERCISE: If you work out regularly (3-7 days a week), your eyebrows WILL fade very fast due to the production of salt/sweat. Salt is used to remove permanent makeup.  Appointments will not be moved earlier if you have premature fading due to lifestyle. They WILL appear more powdered or blurred under the skin as well. If you are not ok with this, then you should not have the procedure done. Elsa reserves the right to refuse future services if she feels the results won’t be to the clients satisfaction.

TAN: YOU CANNOT HAVE A TAN 30 DAYS BEFORE & ABSOLUTELY NO SUN 30 DAYS AFTER (This means you cannot go out in sun with a hat and glasses on) this means no SUN or HEAT FOR 30 AFTER at all. If you resume tanning, the results will fade quickly, heal darker, fade super fast, or not retain at all.  Elsa will not see you any sooner than your routine scheduled appt. If you ruin the results by going out in the sun too soon, Elsa may not be able to work on you in the future. ELSA WILL CANCEL YOUR APPT. IF YOU SHOW UP WITH A TAN (A tan to Elsa’s standards).  TAN SKIN BLEEDS, HEALS POORLY AND COLORS WILL NOT HEAL PROPERLY.  NO EXCEPTIONS. The tan or burn will exfoliate taking color with it as it fades & will also heal the pigment darker/ashier than expected. Tan skin bleeds and is technically damages skin. If you show up to your appointment with a TAN/SUNBURN, you will be required to reschedule and your deposit will be forfeited & possible cancelation fee also applied. The determination if you are too tan will be up to Elsa’s discretion. When in doubt contact Elsa/Flawless prior to procedure date to avoid fees or any inconvenience.

There are NO GUARANTEE’S made as to the final outcome;  Your skin, lifestyle and aftercare play a huge roll in YOUR results. EVERYONE heals differently.  Elsa/staff can do the same thing to 10 different people and get 10 different results due to age, lifestyle, skin type/condition(s), and the simple fact that everyones skin/body/immune system are different. Not everyone is a candidate for the Hair Stroke procedure.  There may be other contraindications not listed and your appt. may be canceled.  This is left up to Elsa’s discretion and she will be totally honest & transparent with you. Our goal is for the reward to outweigh the risk for everyone’s benefit.

Some residual swelling is normal for ALL procedures.  Most swelling occurs on day 1-3.  A needle was placed in your skin, there WILL be swelling & inflammation, how much is individualized.  Some clients may have minimal to no swelling, some may experience more. This varies. Pink/Red/Itchy skin are all signs of healing skin and are bot abnormal.

Signs of infection are: excess heat/redness/swelling & oozing of pus and other discolored fluids. Any signs of infection contact Elsa and your Doctor immediately.

The area may appear uneven, dark, bold, dry, itchy, tender, red & irritated, flake/scab or swell unevenly. We do not always scab or swell symmetrically. The areas may appear very light under the areas of peeling or flaking skin post procedure.  They pigment will oxidize and become a little darker as the healing continues and your cells turn over.  The pigment then encapsulates in the skin over the 30+ day cellular turnover period in which you see results roughly 4-6 weeks post procedure.  Some more mature or slower healing clients do not see results until 8-12 weeks post procedure.   This is all 100% normal.  DO NOT PICK. If you pick, you can cause scarring.  The results vary person to person and some clients may heal quicker than others or could take longer. You need to be patient and let the procedure have adequate healing over the course of 30+ days.

It takes on average 28-30 days for our cells to turn over and go through the different phases of healing.  Unfortunately, natural skin cell turnover slows as you age. A natural process that takes two weeks for babies takes three to four weeks for teens. Once past your teens, your skin generally renews itself once a month (about every 30 to 40 days or after a trauma/procedure) but gets even more sluggish after 50, renewing itself only 45 to 90 days.  Essentially everyone heals at different rates therefore you cannot critically judge your treated area for 4-8 weeks after the procedure.

Color WILL fade/soften anywhere from 10%-35% or more once healed.  At the touch up we will fine tune any area that has faded too much.  Even then, there is no guarantee that the pigment will heal better.  Healing is specific to each client.  It is important to realize that you will need a color boost every 2+ yrs to maintain it’s fresh natural appearance.  Fading WILL happen after each procedure.  We do not have control over your bodies healing process or skin.  You may need still to powder and/or pencil even after the healed results.  This is an enhancement to your natural brows, not a permanent one.  Touch ups to maintain the look is required and at some point you may not be able to have permanent makeup done based on your skins condition.  Each time a procedure is performed, scar tissue is made, causing retention to be less and less each time it is done.  This is universal in all permanent makeup procedures.    This is a fact.

Due to the build up of scar tissue from tattooing/permanent cosmetics/microblading, touch ups will not be done any sooner than 1 year after your last session with Elsa.  Most Permanent Cosmetic Procedures are completed in 2 sessions 6-8 weeks apart.  Some clients depending on their skin and/or if they are undergoing corrections may need additional sessions. If you require a 3rd or additional session for lips, brows, or eyes it is only a $75 tray setup fee- must come within 3 months of last session.

If you; are out in the sun a lot, have oily skin, use anti-aging creams, retin-A/retinol/retinoid products, acidic cleansers, natural elements, chemical peels, in the sun, or exercise frequently your permanent makeup WILL fade prematurely.  The better you take care of the treated area and follow the provided aftercare, the longer it will last. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.

Permanent Makeup is an art & a science.  Clients results will vary and using a pencil or powder will/may still be needed.  We have no control over your bodies healing process and each time a procedure is done, the pigment will have less retention due to scar tissue.

As we age our skin changes.  The permanent makeup WILL eventually look more powdered, this is universal with all permanent makeup procedures.  At some point, we may no longer be able to do perform services.

Remember, no two sides of the face are the same.  Improvement is our goal, but, note that nothing is PERFECT.  We do not use the “P” word when doing Permanent Makeup.  Sisters, NOT twins is used universally in this field. Elsa & staff strive for perfection however having realistic expectations is important.

Absolutely No; Water on area until directed, Sun/UV Exposure, Sweating (blott with rice paper or tissue), Exercise or Exertion of any kind prior to the procedure or after the procedure for 2 weeks or until instructed otherwise.  If you are sweating please BLOT gently with tissue or rice paper to keep the area dry.  NO SUN 30 DAYS PRIOR & 30 DAYS AFTER THE PROCEDURE. 1 DAY WILL RUIN THE RESULTS IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE 2 WEEK AFTERCARE PROTOCOL that will be provided to you in writing and verbally explained. Protect your investment.

Do not work out the day of the procedure as the body heat expands the pores. It is recommended not to sweat for the first 14 days following the procedure or until the scabbing/dry skin is off. Sweat is salt and WILL fade, blur or cause the pigment not to take at all. *We use salt to remove permanent makeup and there is salt in your sweat.*

Avoid direct shower/water on the treated area after the procedure.  Absolutely NOTHING on the treated water, no makeup, lotions, pencil….etc. for 14 days or until directed otherwise….Avoid scrubbing the treated area for at least 1 month. Aftercare will be explained and given in writing.

Do NOT take blood thinners; Aspirin, Fish Oil, Niacin, Gienco, Script, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen unless medically necessary 72 hrs prior to your procedure.  Tylenol may be taken instead of Ibuprofen before procedure per your healthcare professional.  After procedure Ibuprofen and Benadryl are good to reduce inflammation if your Doctor Permits.  Get Doctors permission before stopping or starting any medication or supplement. Also Avoid heavy drinking the day/night before or heavy consumption of caffeine 24 hours in advance of procedure because you will bleed more and retain pigment less.

Avoid sleeping on your face during the 1st 14 days after the procedure.  (Or until scab or crust comes off.)

Dark Skin Types please note that your permanent makeup will not appear as bold as lighter skin types. (Indian, African American, Filipino, etc.) It will look more solid/powdered due to having a darker skin color in the background. Also anyone Fitzpatrick 3-6 has a higher risk of hyperpigmentation (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) than clients who are a Fitz 1-2.

Smoking WILL cause the pigment to fade prematurely and anesthetics will not last as long.

Getting a procedure while on your menstrual cycle can make you hyper-sensitive at the procedure site.

No swimming or soaking the area until the area is completely healed, salt water/chlorine WILL cause the pigments to fade or change in color.  It is recommended to apply the Vaseline to the treated area/s prior to swimming even after healed to prevent the chlorine/salt water from penetrating the area.

Only touch the treated areas with sanitized clean hands during the healing process.

DO NOT RUB, SCRATCH OR PICK AT THE TREATED AREA. Let any scabbing, flaking or dry skin naturally exfoliate off. Picking can cause visible scarring, loss of skin color/pigment color, &/or infection.

PLAN on scheduling your second session touch-up within the first 6 months. (Typically 6-8 weeks post procedure- as instructed by Elsa.) She gets booked out and works both NYC and Chicago every month.

Permanent Makeup is an art and a science- science plays a role in how well and long it will last in each unique skin.  Everyone retains pigment differently, results are not guaranteed and do vary.  I will be honest with you if I feel permanent makeup is not the best option for you, or if your skin is not in a condition that I can work on.  Due to all the variables mentioned, plus the numerous others that are considered when doing permanent makeup or medical tattoos having a qualified artist is essential.  It is important that you have realistic expectations, be honest during your consultation and on your medical history form so that we avoid causing more harm than good.  Also so we can come up with the best plan of action specifically for you!  I hope to meet all of your expectations, Permanent Makeup is a process not a procedure.  It requires realistic expectations, following instruction, having patients, and trust in your artist for the process to go smoothly.  Permanent Makeup is a process not a procedure.  When done properly PMU and Medical or Paramedical Tattoos can look effortless, natural, and stunning. Realistic expecations are vital when seeking PMU, SMP, &/or Paramedical Tattoos.

Why is More than One Session Needed?  When do I Come Back?

Permanent Makeup and Medical Tattoos are a process not a procedure.  Many Cosmetic tattoos are a 2 step procedure.  The skin needs to properly heal in between sessions to avoid scarring, poor retention, and skin damage.  It takes 28-30 days for cells to turn over, skin goes through several stages while healing from any trauma.  The skin has a cycle like our hair and other areas do.  The skin on the face is thinner than skin on the body, and is more delicate and vascular.  Scarred skin (Scar Tissue) reacts differently than healthy or virgin skin.  Scar tissue is unpredictable- it either soaks pigment up like a sponge or is stubborn and rejects it.  To maintain the integrity of your skin sessions are 6-8 weeks apart.  A tattoo is essentially a scar of color.  We create some scar tissue with every session which is why spacing out the sessions appropriately, keeping the area out of UV Exposure, and using Vitamin E or Scar Serums ect after the area has healed to mend the scar tissue formed is important.  Healthy and hydrated skin takes and retains pigment better than dry comprised skin.  Due to the different phases of healing you do not see results from Medical, Microblading, Cosmetic Tattoo’s, Needling, or Removal for 4-6+ weeks after the procedure.  Medical Tattoos, Corrective Work, Needling Treatments, and Removal need a minimum of 2 sessions, they can range anywhere from 2-6+ sessions for maximum improvement of the area.  We reassess after 2 sessions.  Please have realistic expectations, Camouflage, Corrective Work, and Removal may improve the area, but not 100% be effective.  50%+ improvement is a more realistic expectation.  Customized packages are available.  Scalp Aesthetics are on average 3 sessions for completion.  Brows, Lips, & Eyes are on average 2 sessions.

Is it a Tattoo?  SHORT ANSWER YES!

All Permanent Makeup, Microblading, and Paramedical Tattoo’s are a form of a tattoo.  **Not Semi-Permanent!  There is NO guarantee if, or when the pigment will completely dissipate, everyone retains pigment differently.**  Remember a tattoo is a scar of color, I am implanting customized pigment into the upper layer of the Dermis with needles. (Just like a traditional body tattoo is.)  Each time I work on you I create more scar tissue, therefore we must give the skin an appropriate time to heal to avoid unnecessary, additional, or visible scar tissue.  The pigment I use is designed specifically for each area and procedure, it is not the same as traditional body art ink.  In many cases it fades more so than body art ink, requiring more frequent touch ups (depending on procedure.)  That is by design, therefore I can manipulate the shape as your face ages and changes.  Also PMU techniques slightly differ from techniques used by body art tattoo artists.  Otherwise it is all tattooing, Semi-Permanent is a misleading term that is inaccurately describing Permanent Cosmetics.  I have had several girls in my office requiring corrective work from another technician not aware that the procedure they had undergone was permanent, and extremely upset that it hadn’t “gone away” on its own after a year or two as they were told it would.  If you never get a touch up your Permanent Makeup will fade significantly over time, but there is NO GUARANTEE that it will ever completely go away.  The pigment encapsulates in the upper layer of the Dermis.  In order to have this removed or lightened one must undergo either laser or saline removal sessions.  Only then does the laser or saline solution break down the encapsulated pigment and pull it to the surface to shed away.  If you want to redo your permanent makeup do NOT get laser, you will not retain pigment after having laser removal performed.  Your best option is to get the saline removal if you plan to redo the area.  If you do not wish to redo the area than laser would be a quicker removal option but be advised that it will create more scar tissue than the Saline Method.  Also if there is any Titanium Dioxide in your pigment a laser will turn it a dark grey/black color under the laser.  Back to PMU not being Semi-Permanent is because the Epidermis is the outermost, protective, non vascular layer of skin covering the Dermis.  If we tattooed ONLY this layer of skin the pigment would completely come off with the dry skin/crust that forms over the tattooed area and sheds away like a sunburn within the 28-30 day skin cycle (on average.)  The initial crust most people form within 24 hours of the procedure is commonly called the scab but in actuality if a true scab forms than we went to deep, this is more of a dry skin/crust.  Another result of going too deep is discoloration and migration of pigment.  Migration is when the pigment travels to undesired areas underneath the skin.  The Dermis is located beneath the Epidermis and is connected to the Epidermis by a basement membrane.  The Dermis harbors nerve endings, hair follicle, blood vessels, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands.  Beneath the Dermis is the Hypodermis which is mainly used for fat storage. 


Why Cosmetic or Medical/Paramedical Tattoos?   Simple Look Your Best All Day- Everyday!

#wokeuplikethis #flawless natural looking results to enhance your natural beauty, that stays true to color!  I use only the best pigments, machines, anesthetic, and needles on my clients.  Wake up everyday with your Eyeliner, Brows, and Lips ready to go! Or reconstruct an area after a surgery, accident, or disorder with a Medical Tattoo (AKA Paramedical Tattoo).  Correct any asymmetry to better balance your facial features!  Get instant hair loss camouflaging and/or hairline reconstructing results with Scalp Micropigmentation!  A great alternative for those who do not want to undergo Hair Restoration Surgeries and wait the 6-12 Months to see possible results.  Treat & blend in scars, hypopigmentation (skin missing pigment), and stretch marks.  Permanent Cosmetics are for both men and women!   There are options!  Great for people on the go, suffer from poor eyesight or shaky hands, Athletes, busy Moms, Military, Doctors, Nurses, Law Enforcement the list goes on!   Everyone wants to look their best but who has the time to tediously apply and reapply makeup daily?  The solution is here!  I’m proud to make the world a prettier place, one face at a time!

Will it Hurt?

We use top of the line topical anesthetics to numb the area.  For all procedures you may experience a little discomfort here and there, however if you read the reviews clients are often impressed with how little pain they experienced, if any.

Difference Between a Medical & Cosmetic Tattoo? 

Medical or Paramedical tattoos are to help with reconstruction of an area post surgery, accident, or disorder.  They are meant to camouflage or reconstruct an area.  Medical Tattoos are: Scalp Micropigmentation; to camouflage hair loss, Areola Micropigmentation; reconstruct Areola/Nipple post surgery or Breast Cancer, Skin or Scar Camouflage; to camouflage scars or skin that have lost pigment (hypopigmentation) in with the healthy or normally pigmented skin.  Cosmetic tattoos are designed to enhance facial features or mimic cosmetic makeup.  Cosmetic Tattoos are: Brows, Microblading, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Lip Liner, Full Lips, or Beauty Marks.

Am I Good Candidate for Microblading?

If you have oily skin you are not a good candidate for microblading.  Other brow techniques are better suited for your skin type.  If you have previous Permanent Makeup Microblading also may not be the best option for you.  Microblading is most ideal for clients with normal to dry skin, and virgin skin.   (Never been tattooed before.)

What Does the Price Include?  What Should I Expect?

 The initial price for Permanent Makeup is for the procedure itself performed at your first session, the second session which is the “perfecting session” is complimentary.  Eyes, Lips, & Eyes are typically completed in the 2 sessions, however occasionally a client will require a third session.  Corrective Work, Needling, Scalp, Camouflage, Removal, and other Medical Tattoo’s number of sessions required and prices vary on a case by case basis.  A free consultation is required for the services presently listed prior to coming in for the procedure.  When you come in for your free second session for Microblading or PMU this is when the artist alters any color or shape issues if needed, and adds more detail and dimension.  I want my clients to have the best possible results, many PMU & Microblading procedures require 2 sessions for optimal results, therefore I decided not to charge for the second session.  You have up to 6 months to use your free touch up session.  Some people depending on their skin my need an additional third session at an additional fee. Medical Tattoo’s, Corrections, Needling, and Removal are reassessed after 2 sessions.  Everyone’s skin reacts, heals, and retains pigment differently.  After an assessment at a consult prior to procedure or same day as procedure she will customize every clients color, shape, placement, size, and package.  Number of sessions needed may change during treatment depending on how your skin reacts to treatment.  Artist will make measurements and draw the design on you prior to tattooing, once you select your shape/design she simply fills it in with pigment.  Just like a traditional tattoo you must approve size, shape, and placement before beginning.  Once you approve your design she simply fills it in with pigment, she does not deviate from her stencil/ guide.  Artist also will show you the color before beginning, there are no surprises.  The goal of skin toned pigment AKA Scar/Skin Camouflage pigment is to blend with your skin, which is transparent and has many layers.  Therefore Scar/Skin/Stretch Mark Camouflage requires anywhere from 2-6+ sessions to achieve proper blending.  For Eyebrows the goal is to match the eyebrow hair color with the pigment.  For lips please bring in your favorite favorite lip sticks, and let artist know if you like a more sheer or opaque look.  She will try to match the lipstick color.  Although you will see the color pigment on the skin looks different than in the skin- you will heal more muted and lighter than how the color appears.  Auditioning colors from the bottle can be misleading because pigment always look darker, more vibrant, and warm from modifiers than how it will heal in your skin.  While you heal from lip PMU your lips will take on a brick red or darker color than how they will heal- this is because lips tend to heal very cool and without any warmth or orange added to the formula or target color to neutralize this there is a good chance that you will heal blue, grey, or purple.  Eyeliner or Eyeshadow color: Black, Black- Brown, Brown, Grey, Dark Purple, Dark Blue, or Jade.  Artist does not recommend white eyeliner because it will turn into a chalky looking texture/yellowish color over time- not pretty.  She also does not tattoo the wet line because it has a high risk of causing dry eye.   Less is more “I rather you heal too light oppose to you coming back too dark.”  To lighten color requires removal, color does not lift color.  Color on color can tone the color but not make it less saturated.  “I will always advise my client to be conservative at your first session, we can always add more.”

All Permanent Makeup, Microblading, or Medical Tattoo’s are a form of a tattoo and take 4-6 weeks to see results and heal.  It will go through different stages during the healing process- trust the process. You cannot judge the work until it is healed and have completed the necessary number of sessions and followed the aftercare instructions.  Everyone heals at a different rate, there is no one size fits all.  Some may see results quicker and have better results than others.  Genetics, lifestyle, health, sun exposure, skin type, and skin care all play a role in how well or fast you will heal. 

Following the aftercare instructions is key!

 If you do not follow the directions you can create adverse effects, retention issues, fading, discoloration, scarring, and ruin the work the artist did.  If you aren’t sure about something please call, text, or email before taking action.  Sessions are 6-8 weeks apart depending on procedure.  Take home kits and written instructions are provided for every procedure.

Is “Organic” Pigment Better?  Why Do Some People Heal Weird Colors? 

People often think of produce being chemical free when they think of “organic.”  Some Pigment lines pray on this to be the misconception of their pigment line when they refer to it as “organic.”  Marketing that their pigment is better because it is “organic.”  It is not, this is simply a marketing ploy.  In actuality there is no such thing as a pigment designed for implanting that is chemical free.  Organic does not mean better, healthier, or chemical free in PMU.  Organic pigment differs greatly from what consists of organic produce.  Organic Pigment simply means that there is Carbon, Toners, &/or Lakes/Dyes in the formula; that are either soluble or insoluble.  Organic pigment typically is more vibrant than inorganic, however has a smaller molecule, migrates easier, not very stable, and fades quicker than inorganic pigments.  Carbon can turn a blue-ish color over time- therefore we do NOT want to use any brow pigment that contains Carbon in it for this reason!  If Carbon is implanted too deep it will turn blue.  Due to each color having a different molecule size we metabolize yellow, than red, than blue.  Blue & green are the gifts that keep giving.  Black is all of the primary colors mixed, and Brown is a Primary color and its Complement mixed.  Carbon is commonly used for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and is also great for some Eyeliners, but an inexperienced Artist using a Carbon based Eyeliner Pigment has a higher risk of causing migration than if she/he uses an Inorganic pigment.  Inorganic pigments are insoluble Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide (White), Manganese Violet, or Ultramarines.  They are actually more stable than Organic pigments, have larger molecules, are duller in color but out live Organic pigments.  Organic lip colors tend to be more sheer and vibrant, while Inorganic lip colors tend to be more opaque.  Many manufacturers create pigment colors that are a mix of Organic and Inorganic to seek the benefits of both, while also containing Additives such as; Alcohol, Glycerin, and Sterile Water.  Inorganic and Organic pigments are both good in there own ways, and sometimes even good together.  The colorants added to pigment must be approved on the FDA’s Approved Color Additive List.  It is important to have an Artist well versed in color theory, because we are not working on a white canvas.  Our canvas is multi-colored, dimensional, and alive.  We need to take in to account each clients undertone, complexion (overtone), skin condition, skin type, and other features that may affect our work.  We must neutralize the undertones to eliminate the color that we implant healing undesirably.  “I don’t know how many times I have had to correct blue, grey, purple, salmon, red, green eyebrows, or blue, violet, grey lips, or blue or green/black eyeliner, or peach/orange Scar Camouflage from another Artist.”  Scales I use to help understand each clients skin, in addition to having each client fill out a Health History Form is: the Fitzpatrick Scale, Glogau Scale, and the Lancer Ethnicity Scale (LES.)  To find your undertone I look at the color of your veins, under your eyes, and may even put a white piece of paper up to your face or area that I will be working on to find your undertone temperature (cool, neutral, or warm.)   Skin is our canvas.

Some PMU Color Theory Rules of Thumb:

Lighter the color, the quicker it fades.  Darker the color, cooler the color, grayer the color, longer it lasts.  Yellow fades the quickest, then red, then blue.  Blue in pigment is the gift that keeps on giving.  White is the largest molecule and tends to age a cream color and appear to float on the surface of the skin, we use white carefully.  Pigment + Skin Tone = Outcome Color.  75% of  people have a cool (temperature) bias undertone.  Many people have a cool undertone in their lips regardless to their overall undertone/complexion and a small amount of orange or yellow-orange must be applied to formula to avoid lips healing blue, purple, or grey.  There is no such thing as a warm dark brown in PMU.  Hydrated skin takes pigment, and shows pigment better than dry skin.  The goal for many procedures is for clients to heal as neutral as possible to avoid unwanted color shifts and needed color corrections over time.  The sun WILL fade your pigment prematurely and can shift the color of your pigment.

Thank you for your patience and trust in myself & staff for performing your permanent cosmetic and paramedical tattooing needs.