Scalp Micropigmentation


SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation Procedures)  SMP is a form of Scalp tattooing, in which specialized needles are used to implant colored pigments/inks into the scalp, face or body to replicate a hair follicle, created to camouflage hair loss or a scar.  
SMP is an effective solution for an extensive range of hair loss conditions, from male and female pattern baldness to transplantation scarring. The list is endless. unrivaled


SMP is the perfect hair loss answer for:
Male and female pattern hair loss
Receding hairlines
Crown hair-loss
Head injury
Camouflaging scars and burns
Densification/in conjunction with transplantation
Alopecia conditions
Damaged hair due to hair systems and extensions

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Are you a good candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation procedure:
Hair receding patients of any stage of balding
Patients with burns, variety of scars and skin deformities on the scalp
Patients with linear, FUE, FUT scars: post surgical scars on the Scalp, scars caused by skin disease, etc.











Not suitable clients for SMP procedure:
People with active form of any skin disease ( eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.)
Patients who have any underlying health condition should inform our Micropigmentation practitioner during the consultation as well as consult their family physician.  Please refer to “read before appointment” page for more information about who is a good candidate for cosmetic or medical tattoos.