Scalp Micropigmentation

Alopecia which means hair loss, can be caused by a variety of reasons; hormonal changes, age, genetics, environmental (traction alopecia, a scar/injury), or autoimmune diseases (Areata, Totalis, Universalis Alopecia.) There are solutions out there that can help you if you suffer from hair loss. Always consult with your Dermatologist regarding any significant hair loss or hair loss patterns.

Scalp Micropigmentation

also known as SMP is for men and women. It is a paramedical tattoo to give the illusion of hair follicles/density. It can recreate a hairline or create density to thinning areas. Price and treatment plan is based on a free consult. Typically most cases are completed in 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. More advanced cases will require more sessions, 4 weeks apart. SMP is about layering colors and creating a look to assimilate hair follicles. A solution to hair loss! Elsa’s background as a hair stylist and colorist has helped her immensely with hairline structure & color theory.

She has taken numerous scalp and color theory courses, and is featured on Scalp Guru’s:

Word to the Wise

Elsa feels that it is wise to try to treat before covering up. Depending on the reason for the hair loss and degree of hair loss & previous treatments/procedures undergone in attempts to remedy the situation would determine if the client would be a good candidate for another treatment option other than SMP. This treatment option is Microneedling the Scalp; which is clinically proven to help stimulate hair growth and regrowth! This treatment option is $350 a session (typically more cost effective than SMP.) Start seeing results in as little as 2 sessions 4-6 weeks apart!

The first step is to book a free consultation for more information regarding SMP or Scalp Microneedling, as well to see which treatment option is best suited for you and that you are a candidate for; SMP or Scalp Microneedling.