About Elsa

Elsa Torresiani, CPCP, CL is a well established, award winning, highly educated & experienced Permanent Cosmetic & Paramedical Tattoo Artist. Specializing in scar & stretch mark revisions & camouflage, & permanent cosmetic corrections. After enduring 30 stitches from a dog attack, Elsa Torresiani, CPCP, CL (Founder & Owner of Flawless Inc.), was frustrated with applying cosmetic makeup everyday to hide her scars on her face. Once she discovered Permanent Makeup-, which restored her face after 2 reconstruction surgeries, Elsa later decided to go to school for Permanent Cosmetics & Microblading. With a 10+ year background in the beauty industry as a Cosmetologist, the transition was smooth. Now Elsa is one of the Mid-West’s & NYC’S top artists. She opened a second practice in her hometown town of NYC in 2019. Highly trained, skilled, & caring Elsa tries to exceed her clients’ and students’ expectations.

She frequently tells her clients “This is your face/body, but trust me, I am just as invested in it as you that this looks great because that is now my name on your face/body” “Let’s work conservatively; we can always make it darker, larger/thicker, or bolder. The other way around consists of removal/lightening- LESS IS MORE.”

Fun fact about Elsa: she tattoos her OWN scar camouflage, blended lip liner tattoo, powder eyebrows, & top & bottom lid eyeliner. Yes we said EYELINER.

What People Say

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