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Elsa Milani CPCP|  Owner of Flawless Permanent Makeup By Elsa, Inc.  Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, Internationally Trained Professional, Licensed Cosmetologist in NY & IL, SPCP & National Tattoo Association, Better Business Bureau, & Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce Member.

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Elsa Milani is CPCP, a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional Technician, a Member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), a 10+ year Licensed Cosmetologist with a strong background in color theory and aesthetics, and a Published Author of Permanent Cosmetics.  Trained internationally by some of the best permanent makeup/paramedical technicians in the industry, and is constantly attending additional advanced classes and workshops to offer her clients the best quality services.  She completed her: 100 Hours of Fundamental training at a State Board Certified Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Academy, Several Apprenticeships, Continued Education Training Courses, CPCP Exam, and is compliant with IL regulations.  She also attended Scalpa Academy for Scalp Micropigmentation and attends Medical (Paramedical) Tattooing and Permanent Makeup Conferences all over the Country/World regularly.  In NYC, her home town; she trained one on one with and Apprenticed April Meese for Permanent Cosmetics.  In Dallas, Texas she trained one on one with Vicki Hansen for Medical Tattoos and PMU Saline Removal.  She is: a member in good standing with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), insured, incorporated, earned numerous certifications for each procedure that she offers, OSHA BloodBorne Pathogen Certified, and Body Art Certified.  She has undergone advanced training by some of the best in the Permanent Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing Industry.  Reputable and highly respected trainers/artists from all over the world such as; Bryce Cleveland, April Meese, Erin Golightly, Kim Morgan, Kristina Melnicenco, Teryn Darling, Brenda David, Alec Kurucz, Micropigmentation Centre Pat Shibley, Tatjana Petraitis, Kim Filion, Aleksandra Wasik,  Ana Christine Cosme, Victoria Tomashivskaya, and Vicki Hansen a 25+ year vet in the Permanent Makeup Industry.  She is constantly traveling for clients and to take Master Classes.  Her mission is to provide top of the line procedures and takes altering someones appearance permanently very seriously.  Meanwhile keeping the integrity of the clients skin intact.  She strives to make her clients feel even more confident and beautiful walking out of the clinic than how they did walking in!  She truly loves what she does, and knows from personal experience how life changing quality permanent makeup can be!


Elsa’s Background| Elsa was a Colorist Specialist and Cosmetic Makeup Artist in prominent 5’th Ave Salon & Spas in NYC after earning her Cosmetologist License in High School.  She formerly worked at Warren-Tricomi in the Plaza Hotel, and Saks Fifth Ave Salon & Spa.  She often describes that time of her life as her “Devil Wears Prada” years.  Assisting/ Working with Celebrity Photographers, Makeup Artists, Promoters, PR, Stylists, Colorists, Fashion Designers as she paved her way thru the Beauty Industry in NYC. She also did a lot of freelance photo shoots, editorial work, and weddings as a Cosmetic Makeup Artist.  She has always had an eye for beauty, detail, and symmetry.  Over the course of her career in the Beauty Industry she earned Bridal, Fashion, & Editorial Cosmetic Makeup Certifications; and numerous hair related Certifications in NYC and NJ.  She still offers Cosmetic Makeup Services in addition to Permanent Makeup/Scalp Aesthetics/ Medical Tattoo Services.  Elsa moved to Chicago in 2014 from NYC to care for a relative.  She loved the city so much that she decided to stay and set up shop!  She does frequently travel back to NYC or NJ for her East Coast clients.  If you live in these areas and are interested in her services please email flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa@gmail.com or call 646.740.6247 to inquire on dates she will be in the area to book!

How Did Elsa Get Into Permanent Makeup?  After suffering a dog attack to her face & 30 stitches she searched for a solution to recreate the symmetry of her lip line and hide the remaining scars after scar revision surgeries.  (Her before and afters are in her Portfolio and her Social Media.) Permanent Cosmetics were her solution and hopefully it can be yours too!  She now does her own Combination Eyebrows, Scar Camouflage, Top Lid Eyeliner, and Lip Permanent Cosmetics.  Can you tell she has that much Permanent Makeup or that she suffered a 30 stitch blow to her face when seeing her?? Most likely not!  This is what motivated her switch from Hair and Cosmetic Makeup to Permanent Makeup and Tattooing.


“Becoming a PMU Artist is the best move I ever made!  I truly love and believe in what I do.  When we look good, we feel good!  Confidence & self-esteem effects so many aspects of our lives; it is so important to feel comfortable in our own skin.”  -Elsa

Elsa Does ALL of her OWN Permanent Cosmetics.  Includes Scar Camouflage on her face, top lid Eyeliner, Blush Lips (before & after below), and Combination Eyebrows!


Elsa believes in total transparency and is always tentative to inform/educate her clients about the possible risks and facts about the procedure that they are interested in.  No surprises or misleading sales pitches, even if it “costs her a sale.”  After the consultation and face shape assessment Elsa will measure you with a ruler and draw on the shape that you both discussed.  She measures you by hand and digitally.  You then take a look and make any adjustments necessary with Elsa to create that “just right” shape customized to you.  The goal is to create as much symmetry as possible and correct any asymmetry that you may have.  And don’t feel bad, we all have some asymmetry in our faces!  Once you agree to the size, placement, and shape of Elsa’s drawing/design she simply uses that as her guide and fills that in with pigment.  That drawing becomes her stencil like in most traditional tattoos, and she does not deviate from her guide.  The shape you say okay too, is the shape you will get.  She will numb you topically to get you as comfortable as possible with top of line prescription strength topical anesthetics.  You may feel a pinch here and there, but many of her clients say that all they feel for the most part is pressure during the procedure.  You also will be shown the color of the pigment prior to beginning, with eyebrows the goal of the color is to match the eyebrow hair color so it appears that you have one uniform natural eyebrow.  We don’t want anyone to know that you have a cosmetic tattoo!  Remember all colors look different on the skin, than in the skin.  Color will appear softer and at least 30% lighter in the healed skin vs. topically/ right after procedure.  The best way to help Elsa formulate your color for example would be to bring in your favorite lipstick or brow pencil/shadow if you’re looking to get lip or eyebrow permanent makeup done.

 Don’t wear foundation, semi-permanent brow makeup that is hard to take off, tinted brows if it is only temporary and you don’t plan to keep up with it, spray tan, or be tanned so she can match/formulate your color.  Botox is to be gotten 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after brow/eyeliner, fillers ideally gotten post lip procedure note before.  Chemical peel 3 prior or at least 3 weeks post procedure (not directly on or near newly implanted permanent makeup to avoid premature fading.)  

It is also important that you trust the process and be patient,  you cannot judge your permanent makeup until it is healed which takes at least 4-6 weeks post procedure.  If the color or shape need alterations than we address that at your next session.  It is at least a 2 step procedure for many cosmetic and paramedical tattoos.  Permanent Cosmetics Pigments are designed differently than Body Art Pigments/Inks and include Botanicals, Organic, and Inorganic Ingredients and are designed to fades more so than Body Art Tattoos.  In order to better manipulate the shape as your face ages and changes over time.  Touch ups vary, typically the range is brows every 1-3 years, lips/eyeliner/beauty marks 3-5 years, scars/areola/camouflage 2-5 years, scalp micropigmentation 5+ years; all depending on ink retention and pigment saturation/density/concentration.

 Everyone’s skin is different and retains pigment differently, there are NO Guarantees in Permanent Cosmetics.  Permanent Makeup is a process not a procedure, and an art not a science.

However Elsa is a FIRM believer of the benefits of Permanent Cosmetics because it worked for her! 


Why Get Permanent Makeup?  Our Mission:  To Create Flawless, Natural Looking Results to Enhance your Unique Beauty, That Stays True to Color!|  Wake up everyday with your Brows, Eyeliner, and Lips ready to go!  Or reconstruct an area after surgery, an accident, or disorder.  Correct any asymmetry to better balance your face and create more symmetry.  Get instant hair loss camouflaged and/or hairline reconstructed with Scalp Micropigmentation!  A great alternative for those who do not want to undergo expensive Hair Restoration Surgeries and wait the 6-12 Months to see results (and results vary)!  Or do Scalp Micropigmentation in conjunction with Hair Restoration Services!  You have options!  Permanent Cosmetics is for Men and Women!  It’s great for people on the go!  Athletes, Busy Moms, Military, Doctors, Nurses, Law Enforcement, suffering from poor eye-site, or shaky hands the list goes on!  Everyone wants to look their best but who has the time to tediously apply, reapply makeup?  The solution is here!  I’m proud to make the world a prettier place, one face at a time.



If You’re Considering Permanent Cosmetics; Some Good Things to Know.|  All Permanent Cosmetics are a form of a Tattoo, also referred to as:  Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic Tattoo, or Medical/Paramedical Tattoo.  Microblading, Microshading, Lining, Shading ect are all different methods and techniques of Cosmetic Tattooing to create different effects.  For Example; Microblading 3D Hairstroke Eyebrows is done with a hand tool which implants pigment to the upper layer of the Dermis to resemble real hair like strokes with a stroking motion.  She then clots the area with pigment for retention purposes.  This is an ancient form of tattooing.  Meanwhile the machine will implant pigment in the upper layer of the Dermis to create a powder effect with the needle going up and down, or side to side motion.  Machine work creates less trauma to the skin than microblading and implants MORE pigment into the same layer of skin.  (Upper layer of the Dermis; middle layer of skin.)  Therefore tends to fade less quickly than microblading but both methods are a form of a tattoo. 

 Other representations of Permanent Cosmetics Elsa finds to be misleading and unethical.  Such as the term “Semi Permanent” there is NO guarantee Permanent Makeup will ever completely fade on its own- it is a form of a tattoo.   The difference between a Cosmetic/Paramedical Tattoo and a traditional Body Art Tattoo is the pigments are designed differently, the techniques to get the pigment in are different, and we use lower speeds when using rotary or coil tattoo machines.  (Skin on the face is thinner than skin on the body.)  Similarity; we are still implanting pigment Into the upper layer of the Dermis with needles.  WAHLAAAA and we have a Tattoo!



Flawless Inc is a proud member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) www.spcp.org, National Tattooing Society, Better Business Bureau, Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce https://www.bbb.org/us/il/chicago/profile/permanent-makeup/flawless-permanent-makeup-by-elsa-0654-90021119, www.lincolnparkchamber.com, and Safe In My Chair  www.safeinmychair.com or https://www.facebook.com/SafeInMyChair/.  EVERYONE is Welcome!