Microneedling Anti Aging Facial

What is Microneedling?

AKA Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) used a device to create micro-wounds in the upper layer of the dermis layer of the skin. These micro-injuries trigger the bodies natural healing process, producing new collagen and elastin. The results improve; skins elasticity, texture, discoloration, sun damage, reduces scars, fine lines, wrinkles, big pores, scars, and stretch marks. Case studies also prove it helps grow back hair for hair loss sufferers. (Elsa offers Microneedling for anti-aging, textured &/or atrophic (indented) scars, stretch marks, and hair growth stimulation on the scalp.)

How many Sessions do I need? How far apart?

Number of sessions vary from person to person. We take it a session at a time, typically we do 3 and reevaluate. The results are gradual. Start to see results in 30 days, max in about 3 months. (You are building collagen for 3 months after each microneedling session.) A client could be fine with 3 sessions or less, or could need 4-6+ sessions for maximum results. Everyone is different with unique skin/bodies/genetics/lifestyle. Once desired/maximum results have been achieved it is recommended to come once a year to every 6 months for a treatment for maintenance. Elsa says 50% improvement of an area is a realistic expectation, however several of her clients have achieved more. How many treatments it takes to get to 50% or higher is unknown. Treatments are 4-8 weeks apart. Every persons case is unique because everyone’s skin/body are different. If you read the reviews and look at her portfolio, you will see she has had much success with this treatment option/modality.

What’s it Like While I Heal? What Can I Expect?

For the first couple of days the skin will take on a pink/red appearance and feel as though you got a sunburn. It takes roughly 30 days for our cells to turn over, every decade after 30 add a week. As we get older unfortunately it takes longer for our cells to turn over and for us to go through the different phases of healing. (We become poorer wound healers over time.) Therefore you will see start your results in about 30 days but could take longer depending on your age. In the meantime skin with appear a little more dry than normal for the first couple weeks to 30 days. You MUST stay out of the sun while you are healing to avoid hyperpigmentation and other possible adverse effects. Applying the serums provided, as directed sensitive skin moisturizer, witch hazel, and sensitive skin face/body wash (baby shampoo if we are doing scalp microneedling) is beneficial while you are healing. No facial makeup for at least 3 days post procedure is advised. (Mascara or eye makeup is ok.) After care instructions & take home kit will be provided to you. You will also be given Elsa’s direct number that you may call or text anytime while you are healing with any questions or concerns you may have. You also may come in for a free consultation at any time before or after procedure.

Pricing is available on service page: https://flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa.com/services/. Online booking is available for either NYC (Staten Island Borough) or Chicago locations. If you are seeking microneedling for scalp or scars/stretch marks a free consultation prior to booking a procedure is required.