COVID-19 Protocols

Thank you for everyones patience, support, and understanding during these hard times!

What Do I Need To Know Before Coming In? COVID-19 Policies & Protocol.

As a Tattoo/Permanent Makeup/Microblading Artist Elsa is faced with exposure to Hepatitis, HIV/Aids, and other bloodborne pathogens. We have always cleaned with medical grade disinfectant, wore PPE, and used proper disposable barrier film on surfaces, sterile one time use disposable needles, ect. Elsa is certified in bloodborne pathogens and have received extra training/certification with the World Health Organization in regards to infection control specific to COVID-19. Extra safety precautions and cleaning measures will be taken by Flawless/Elsa due to COVID-19. In addition, all staff have been fully vaccinated.

How we are changing due to COVID-19 to protect everyone;

If you were sick, around someone sick, or feel you were exposed to the virus (or a mutation) in any way within 10 days of your appointment please reschedule your appointment. There must be a 10 day quarantine period after being/feeling sick or around anyone sick before you can come in for an appointment at Flawless. If you are feeling sick near the time of appt or day of; runny nose, sore throat, fever, cough, vomiting/diarrhea, flu like symptoms please cancel and reschedule, I will waive the cancelation fee for this! It is suggested by medical professionals if you feel you’ve been exposed to get tested 72 hours after exposure to avoid a false negative and quarantine for 10 days while contagious. Contact your Doctor for medical advice if you’ve been exposed or feeling sick.

Elsa has been vaccinated and will wear a mask during your procedure.

If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, or if you have traveled recently and need to check if you came from a state that requires you to quarantine for 10 days once arriving in Illinois or NYC please check out the CDC ( website.