Why Permanent Cosmetics?



Permanent Cosmetics is for both Men and Women!

Tired of applying and reapplying your makeup everyday? Tired of your brows sweating off?  I have the solution!  Permanent Cosmetics is truly sweat proof makeup that looks natural when done properly!  Be Stress Free!  

Enhance your natural beauty with Permanent Cosmetics, that stays true to color! 

Imagine waking up everyday with your Eyeliner, Brows, and Lips in place and ready to go! What Elsa can do goes deeper than cosmetic- she can reconstruct an area after a surgery, accident, or disorder with a Medical Tattoo (AKA Paramedical Tattoo) or Permanent Makeup. 

What else?  Permanent Cosmetics can correct any asymmetry to better balance your facial features- the most aesthetically pleasing face is a well balanced, symmetrical one! 

Do you feel like you look washed out without makeup?  Permanent Makeup can help with that too!  Fill in the missing gaps, get an attractive lift, and frame your face, complimenting your bone structure with brows.  Via Microblading or any of the other brow techniques Elsa offers.  Frame your eyes or enhance the look of your lashes with Eyeliner or Eyelash Enhancement Permanent Makeup.  Get fuller more defined looking lips without needing costly fillers every 6-12 months!  As we age our lip volume diminishes and our natural color begins to fade.  Add a pop of color and reestablish your lip line with lip permanent cosmetics.  Elsa offers several different techniques to meet your expectations.  Annual touch ups for eyeliner and lips is on average every 2-5 years, brows are every 1-3 years.

Do you suffer from hair loss or Alopecia?  Get instant hair loss camouflaging and/or hairline reconstructing results with Scalp Micropigmentation!  Fill in the missing gaps, get an attractive lift, and frame your face, complimenting your bone structure with brows.  Via Microblading or any of the other brow techniques Elsa offers.  A great alternative for those who do not want to undergo Hair Restoration Surgeries and wait the 6-12 Months to see possible results. Or for those who do not wish to spend time every day drawing on your brows!  Scalp Micropigmentation touch ups are on average every 4-8 years. 

Treat & blend in Scars, Hypopigmentation (skin missing pigment), and Stretch Marks.  Elsa has been trained and certified in Dermarolling, Microneedling, and Scar/Skin Camouflage.  Every case is different and a treatment plan will be established after a free consultation.  Depending on the age, and condition of the scar needling treatments may be best to do prior or in lue of camouflage to treat the area vs covering it up.  She prefers to do the needling treatment, UV therapy, and use serums (in office and at home) with Stretch Marks.  Only in extreme cases will she camouflage Stretch Marks.  Camouflage and needling is a process, we will do 2 sessions and reevaluate.  We let your skin do the talking and take it a session at a time.  Elsa can’t tell you at the consult exactly how many sessions you will need, she can only give you an estimate based on experience.  We will know more once we begin.  The results are gradual, improvement not perfection is our goal.  Elsa rather over deliver and under promise than the other way around.  With camouflage it is about layering color to blend the scar as best as possible into your skin.  Sessions are 4-6 weeks apart.  For any camouflage procedure a color patch test will be done prior to procedure to insure the correct color is used during procedure to help avoid adverse effects.  Scar tissue is stubborn and unpredictable therefore the patch test is an essential step.  After we implant small amounts of color into the treatment area the client returns in 30 days for Elsa to observe the results and select the correct color formula.  She has Scar Camouflage on her face where she had 30 stitches and loves not having to apply concealer on it daily.  Touch ups for Scar or Skin Camouflage is on average every 2-5 years.

These services are great for people who are; tired of applying and reapplying makeup everyday, on the go, and have poor makeup skills.  Individuals who frequently seek Permanent Makeup are; Athletes, Busy Moms, Military, Medical Professionals, Law Enforcement, individuals who suffer from poor eyesight or shaky hands, the list goes on! 

Everyone wants to look their best but who has the time to tediously apply and reapply makeup daily?  

The solution is here!  I’m proud to make the world a prettier place, one face at a time!

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