What To Expect


So here is the general breakdown of what to expect the day of! woo-sahhhh… If we have not already done a formal consultation we will do so before beginning.  (All consults are free and can be booked separately from a procedure with no obligation.)  During consultation we will do face shape analysis.  I will also study your facial proportions, complexion, undertones, skin condition, and eye shape/set.  I will then tell you what brow shape would be most aesthetically compatible with your bone structure.  What Eyeliner shape would be most aesthetically compatible with your eye shape, set, and proportions.  And what Lip shape/cupids bow, or if  working on the vermillion border or original lip line would be most effective.   

After we discuss shape we will then discuss desired thickness and technique that would be the most compatible for your skin type, previous permanent makeup, and expectations.  I have visuals that I will use to show you what I am talking about during the consult.  We will do whatever you want (within reason), this is just to give you my professional opinion.  For lips we will discuss how to manipulate or enhance your cupids bow/lip line, create/recreate symmetry, camouflage scar(s) (if needed), and create the illusion of larger lips (if desired.)  We then will discuss the different techniques that I offer to best accomplish your goals and desired color(s) before I draw on your lips.  Please bring in your favorite lip stick! 

For eyeliner we will discuss color, eye shape, goals, thickness of line, color of liner, and technique to achieve desired look.  After we discuss everything and go over your health history I will then measure you and draw the design discussed for you to see it before I touch you with a needle.  Just like a Traditional Body Art Tattoo- and YES Microblading/Permanent Makeup are forms of Tattoos, I draw on a “stencil.”  You must say okay to size, shape, placement, design, and color before I Tattoo or Microblade you.  Once I measure you to create as much symmetry as possible, and/or correct any asymmetry present I then draw on the design that we discussed during our consult.  You take a look and let me know what adjustments, if any need- to be made before beginning.  No surprises!  Once I get the design/shape/placement to your liking, and you give me the okay I then numb you. 

I use topical anesthetic containing Lidocaine, Benzocaine, and/or Tetracaine with Epinephrine to help constrict bleeding for better pigment retention.  If you require extra Novocaine at the Dentist that is a good indicator that you will most likely need extra numbing time or anesthetic.  Typically clients feel pressure during the procedure and only a pinch here and there.  Pain tolerance and threshold differ from person to person, if you are experiencing pain just let me know and I will stop to re-numb the area if needed.  I have many different anesthetics designed for different areas of the body and PH balanced.   All topical anesthetics are purchased through reputable vendors such as Dermal Source, Painstoppers, Micropigmentation Centre USA, and Girlz Ink.  “A NUMB CLIENT IS A HAPPY CLIENT.”  I simply fill in the okay-ed design/shape with pigment in the technique selected, the drawing becomes my stencil/guide and I do not deviate from my guide.  Depending on the procedure I may buff/lightly exfoliate the area and pre-numb you before drawing.  I do not overly pre-numb to avoid retention interference. 

The after-care is discussed thoroughly before you leave and you will be provided with a take home kit and instructions.  YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE AFTER CARE- IT WILL GREATLY AFFECT YOUR RESULTS IF YOU DON’T.  You may also call, text, or email me during your healing process if you have any questions or concerns!  I am here for you guys! 

Remember Permanent Makeup is a Process Not a Procedure, it takes 4-6 weeks to see the results and for the color to properly come thru!  This is due to the different stages of healing, it takes 28-30 days for cells to turn over, just because the crust/scab has shed (sheds like a sunburn) does not mean that your skin is done healing.  Please be patient, and you may apply new or sanitized makeup over the area until the color comes thru/ redness of the worked on skin subsides once the scab/crust has FULLY shed.  For eyeliner you must use new mascara due to bacteria.  The scab/crust will shed away like a sunburn.  While the scab/crust is on it looks like you are wearing darker makeup on that area until the shedding is complete.  On average for lips it takes 3-5 days, brows 7-10 days, and eyeliner 3-10 days for the shedding to be complete.  Any adjustments to color, shape, or additions will be taken care of at your free touch up 6-8 weeks after your first session.  During your second visit we will fine tune your Permanent Cosmetics and add detail if needed. 


My theory is “I rather you heal too light, than too dark, too thin, than too thick.”  Because it is easier to keep adding to the PMU or darken the color versus the other way around!  LESS IS MORE!  Estimated length of procedure appointment (first session appointments) Full Lips; 3 hours, Lip Liner 1.5 hours, Blush Lips 2 hours, Brows 2 hours, Eyeliner 1 Lid 1 hour, Eyeliner 2 Lids 2 hours, Eyeshadow/Smokey Eyeliner + 45 minutes to Eyeliner session.  The second session or sessions thereafter time frame may vary.  Keep the skin hydrated after the shedding of the crust/scab is complete.  The color can be blocked or muted by dry skin, and it will be more dry than normal for 1-3 months after PMU.



  Be aware that I strongly advise to get your scar as healed as possible before trying to cover it up.  I cannot work on new scars, it must be a minimum of 1 year old.  I cannot work on a Keloid scar, if you are not sure if your scar is a Keloid please consult your Derm or I can refer you to one.  There is a difference between a Hypertrophic scar and a Keloid scar.  A Keloid grows past the borders of the original wound, and reoccur.  Certain Ethniticies are more prone to Keloids and Hyperpigmentation; African American, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic.  A Hypertrophic Scar do not extend beyond the borders of the original wound and can be treated with pressure therapy and/or Cortisone/Kenalog Steriod Injections.  These tend to develop more commonly on lighter Complexions than those who tend to Keloid.  Hypertrophic Scars tend to develop on earlobes, chest, shoulders, and the lower face.   If the scar or stretch mark is still red or pink that means that it is still healing, and is not ready to be worked on.  Scars that are lighter than clients skin color (Hypopigmented) are easier to camouflage than scars that are darker than the clients skin color.  (Hyperpigmented.)  I will tell clients that working on Hyperpigmented skin can be problematic, and the trauma of the needles can make the Hyperpigmentation worse, as can Hormone changes or UV Exposure.  Hyperpigmentation may go away over time on it’s own, some see improvement within 90 days!  So I recommend being patient with Hyperpigmentation and let Mother Nature take her course and not attempt to camouflage it with pigment.  Bleaching creams can speed up the lightening process, consult your Dermatologist or Aesthetician.  I highly recommend trying to treat the scar or stretch mark before attempting to cover it up, I can assist with this via Dermarolling or Microneedling treatments.  Or I can refer you to reputable professionals if Laser, Peels, a Medical Procedure, or Surgery would be more appropriate before camouflaging with pigment.  Scar/Stretch Mark Camouflage is essentially covering up a scar/stretch mark by implanting pigment with needles, a machine, and power supply in attempts to blend the discoloration in with your natural skin tone.  Think of it like tattooing concealer.  I am addressing the color-not the texture of the scar.  To address texture issues prior treatments or Kenalog/Cortisone injections may be helpful before tattooing.  I am using needles to implant the color, the needling over the scar/stretch mark can sometimes help improve the texture and condition of the scar/stretch mark by stimulating collagen and cellular turn over.  If texture improvement happens fantastic, but this is not guaranteed.  I also offer Dermarolling and Microneedling to help smooth out the scar/stretch marks, or improve the condition/texture of the scar/stretch marks prior to camouflaging.  There are risks when you undergo any procedure.  There is chance that the scar can get aggravated when worked on, and worsen as a result.  That is why we want the area to be in the best condition possible before working on it.  At least 1 year old, and the camouflage sessions to be broken up into 1-2 hour sessions to not overwork the skin or implant to much color, and be at least 30 days apart.  Scars/Stretch Marks are stubborn and unpredictable, they will either soak the ink up like a sponge, or reject it.  This is why I do patch tests to match the color prior to working on the whole area.  I do not want to create more discoloration or make the scar worse so please be patient and trust the process.  You will need a minimum of 2 sessions, after your second session we will reassess.  “The enemy of good is perfection” a wise plastic surgeon once told me.  We are striving for improvement not perfection, please have realistic expectations.  If you have some excess scar tissue AKA a hypertrophic scar-where the scar protrudes out a little bit, (mind you scars can grow and change with time and sun exposure) than I would recommend you see your Derm or Plastic Surgeon and get a Kenalog or Cortisone steroid injection to help soften and flatten the scar before beginning work with me.  You may need a series of these injections- insurance often covers these injections.  I refer my clients to Lincoln Park Dermatology if they may benefit from the steroid injections or need the assistance of a Dermatologist and do not have one.  Not all Derms do Cortisone or Kenalog injections.  (When I did not have insurance and paid out of pocket I never paid more than $80 an injection.)  The injections will be 30 days apart and you gradually see the results within those 30 days.  You may also need an injection post procedure after healing to calm the scar back down if it gets at all aggravated or inflamed from working on it.  Steroid injections, chemical peels, laser treatments, Vitamin E Oil, Grapeseed Oil, massaging the scar, dermarolling, microneedling (pen), or scar topical serums|gels may be things you might want to consult your Doctor or Esthetician about in order to improve the scar prior and post camouflage.  A great prescription scar topical you can ask your Doctor about is called Celacyn, a non-prescription that I recommend is called Prosil that you can find at http://www.biodermis.com.  Obagi also makes a great topical scar gel.  I’ve personally used these topicals on my stitch line scars, and hypertrophic scar from the dog attack/post scar revision surgeries and had nice results.   I’ve also needed Kenalog injections in my hypertrophic scar on my lip and saw nice results.  I needed 4 in a row, 30 days apart at first.  Occasionally if the fibrotic scar tissue which is mostly a protein fiber; collagen comes back and starts to protrude again, (which is not uncommon) I’ll have to see my Derm for a touch up injection to keep the scar flat.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to remember that sunblock (at least spf 30) is your best friend!  Continuous UV exposure can change the color of a scar, make the scar tissue grow, fade your tattoo, or shift the tattoos color.



I have trained with several amazing artists from all over the U.S & Brazil to perfect this craft.  I will consult with you, measure you, and draw on you.  You must okay size, shape, placement, and color composition before I begin.  The surgical scars need at least a year to heal, and I cannot work on anyone still undergoing Chemo, Radiation, or Breast Reconstruction Surgery.  Scar Camouflage in conjunction with Areola Reconstruction Micropigmentation is common! 

Results look natural, 3D if you are missing any protrusion to create a more realistic effect, and last!  Every October Flawless Permanent Makeup Proudly Donates 3 Free Areola Procedures for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  If you are looking for a good MD to do Breast Reconstruction Surgery or Breast Augmentation  I recommend looking into Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Geldner at The Geldner Center in IL or Lift Body Center in Shaunberg, IL.  *All recommended Doctors or Medical Facilities are just that, recommendations.  I am not directly associated nor affiliated with them, pursue & proceed at your own discretion.*



I do not tattoo on the waterline because it can create dry eye.  If you wear false lashes please have them removed prior to appointment.  If you wear contacts please have them out for the procedure and bring glasses to wear post procedure.  I have my clients wear glasses for the first week and then they may wear new contacts.  If you have any eye conditions please make me aware before your procedure- medical clearance may be required.  The eyes will be swollen for 12-48 hours on average.   Icing will help and is recommended.  Also eyes watering, being red, or bruising on the lid may occur and will subside.  There is a risk of getting a corneal abrasion- if you feel anything in your eyes please flush them out, do not rub them and contact Elsa.  Having someone drive you after the procedure is at your discretion- I do recommend having someone drive you or take a cab home if you feel too swollen, irritated, watery eyed post procedure.  If you use growth serums like revitalash,ect you must discontinue 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after eyeliner procedure.  If the eyes are overly vascular or hooded the procedure may not be able to be done.  I am very cautious when using a carbon based pigment due to its higher risk of migration, I never use this pigment type on a winged eyeliner.  I am also mindful not to go too deep no matter what pigment I use to avoid migration.  The eyelid tissue is very thin, and I cannot go to close to the Canthus (either corner of the eye) to avoid causing migration.  I offer Eyelash Enhancement; the most subtle of the eyeliner tattoos which stays strictly in the lash line.  Traditional Eyeliner as thick or thin as desired.  Winged Eyeliner, Smokey Eyeliner, or Eyeshadow.  I do not like using white on the eyes because it will turn yellow/beige over time.  I offer colors such as: black, black-brown, brown, gray, purple, blue, or green. 



If you have ever had a cold sore please consult your Doctor and get a script for Valtrex to take 5 days prior and 5 days post procedure to avoid a cold sore break out from the trauma of the needles.  A cold sore could affect healed results.  L-Lysenne is a vitamin that also helps prevents cold sore breakouts that may be taken 3 weeks prior and 3 weeks post procedure as an alternative to prescription medication- however I recommend consulting your Doctor about getting Lip PMU and getting the script.  Topical use of Abreva may be used if a cold sore emerges after the procedure.  Lips naturally usually have a very cool undertone.  To prevent you from healing too cool, blue, grey, or purple an orange or yellow-orange modifier may be added to your color formula to neutralize this undertone and prevent you from healing these undesired colors.  Therefore after the procedure the color will appear darker, more vibrant, and typically a brick red color until the skin sheds in 3-5 days.  This is normal- so be prepared to look like you have darker lipstick on for a few days post procedure.  The desired color will appear 2-6 weeks after the procedure.  Some bruising in the lip and swelling may also occur and subside within 12-48 hours.  Icing helps and is recommended.  I am very delicate with the lips and am very mindful to no go to deep because this can cause the color to heal blue, or purple. 

Going to an experienced artist for lips is essential.  Avoid getting laser work done on the lips because the titanium dioxide can turn a dark grey color under the laser.  I offer Full Lip Color, Blush Lip: Blended Lip Liner, Lip Liner, or Ombre Lips.  Lip PMU can correct natural asymmetry, camouflage lip scars, define your lips, give color to your lips, or give the illusion of larger lips by manipulating/enhancing the cupids bow, &/or tattooing on the Vermillion Ridge.  (I do not recommend tattooing outside of the Vermillion Ridge.)  I have a variety of colors to select from!  We can go as bold or as natural as you’d like!