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I drove 6 hours round trip from Iowa to have Elsa microblade my eyebrows. She was not only accommodating but also extremely professional. As a nurse, I’m so impressed by her technique. She is thorough and incredibly mindful of proper technique. I have received nothing but rave reviews on my eyebrows. They have healed beautifully. I am beyond ecstatic about the end result. HIGHLY recommend! -Sarah W.


THIS GIRL DESERVES 1000 STARS!!!!! I am a permanent makeup artist myself in Geneva IL. Elsa was kind enough to allow me to shadow her for a day and share her knowledge with me. She is not only a phenomenal artist, she is an outstanding  teacher, advocate, and amazing soul. She is very giving and selfless, which shows very much in her amazing personality and welcoming environment within her studio. 

As an artist in the industry I would 100% trust her with my own skin. She is an overachiever and will work 110% to give you the results you’ve been longing for. I highly recommend Elsa without a doubt!! 

-Robin D.


Elsa was recommended to me by a friend this fall after I complimented her eyebrows. My friend immediately showed me Elsa’s work on Instagram and I knew I had to book an appointment; I could not be any happier that I did. Getting my eyebrows done with Elsa is the best money I’ve spent. 

Elsa- Everything about working with Elsa was great. I had my consultation beforehand and we discussed shape and the after-care treatment (its super itchy for a week-be prepared!). She has Netflix and you can catch up on any shows while getting the procedure done or pick out a Pandora station. Her office was very clean and easy to get to. She is fun to talk to and you can tell she is a professional in her line of work. The procedure was painless because your brows are numbed but it does take a while. I was there for about 3 hours, including the consultation; letting the numbing medicine kick in took the longest. (I would have suffered through the pain for these brows but glad I didn’t have to.)

My brows- I have dark and thick eyebrows but they needed a lot of filling in due to patches where hair wouldn’t grow. I had been filling in my eyebrows for years and had been looking to get microblading done. I ended up doing at microblading and powder combo after telling Elsa that I do have oily skin. Besides tweezing the stray hairs I haven’t had to do a single thing to my eyebrows since I got them done, my makeup routine is much faster in the morning and I receive compliments DAILY. I LOVE them.

Overall- 100% Recommend. I am completely satisfied.

-Sarah C.


Elsa did an outstanding job on my eyebrows.  I was recommended to her by a friend who had lovely, though different eyebrows to mine so I can attest to her excellent skills on two people. 

Elsa says “I have my name written on your face” and she takes that very seriously.  Her reputation is everything and she has worked hard to perfect her art with multiple courses and a plethora of certificates to prove that.

She runs a very professional studio and is incredibly conscientious about achieving the right result.  My eyebrows had all but fallen out and she was good at listening to what I wanted and made a few suggestions which were great – it’s hard to believe the before and after pictures.  I rate her very highly.

Her skills go well beyond eyebrows to any kind of permanent makeup.

Elizabeth B.


I’ve always had horrible brows; bad shape, tiny arches and very patchy. I didn’t think there was much anyone can do for me but Elsa made it happen! She’s amazing! Very friendly, detailed and knowledgeable about her work. She made me feel comfortable and created the brows I’ve always dreamed of having. She created the perfect shape for me. I am a completely satisfied and recommend Elsa to anyone who is struggling with bad brows. -Crystal D.



Gosh, where do I start to tell you about my AMAZING experience with Elsa. I must give you a background before I begin…. I had really bad stretch marks due to weight loss. Both of my arms had stretch marks that extended from my shoulder, armpit down to the inside of my arms. I never was able to wear dresses or tank tops! When summer arrived I always covered my arms. These hideous deep stretch marks has haunted me for years! I did many online research regarding camouflage  permanent makeup for stretch marks. I saw the great reviews for Flawless Permanent Makeup by Elsa. I called Elsa, and I made an appointment. I got an appointment right away, and I was able to meet with Elsa and discuss further about this procedure. Elsa was very professional, I never felt rushed she listened carefully to my concern an assured I could have my stretch marks camouflage with permanent makeup. I almost cried of excitement, to think I could finally not hide my stretch marks and wear a tank top in public! Elsa explained every detail, she made me feel comfortable and the best part if I had any concern she was always a text/ phone call away. She answers any concern I had quickly and after every procedure she explained the after care with such great detail. She would provide all the items I needed to take care of the procedure after. Elsa is so attentive, so detailed, she doesn’t push any products or recommends any items you don’t need to buy. Elsa is so HONEST she does her best always for her clients. I do have to say I developed some hyper pigmentation on some areas but Elsa explained the reasons why this can happen and assured that was something she can remove. Elsa’s customer satisfaction is very important and I can tell! Fast forward to now.. I feel much more confident and healing now, stay tune… I will post my before and after pictures!! Elsa is a hidden gem in this big city give her a try! Believe me you will not regret it. – Mina R.



Elsa is AMAZING.  I just had my first session with her for my eyebrows, and I am super happy with the results.  I had eyebrow microblading done about 8 years ago in another city by another artist, with good results, however I moved to another city just after my original procedure and have been searching for the right micro pigment artist ever since……. I missed the days when I could wake up and go without having to do my brows.   Given how important it is to do your research, it took me a while to find someone I trust with my face.  I am so happy that I found Elsa.  Here are my top 3 reasons why:

1. Elsa is super knowledgable, and well educated in both the beauty industry and micro pigmentation.  Elsa has numerous certifications and  has trained with the best in the beauty and micro pigment industry and it shows.  She also does a lot of corrective work, which is much more difficult, and typically warrants a higher skill level.   

2. Elsa’s passion.  I loved her personal story on what sparked her interest in the business of micro-pigmentation.  She really cares about her clients and the work that she does.   She was great about answering any questions I had, and even texted me the following day to see how I was doing.  

3. Elsa’s approach.  I loved that she spent time appropriately assessing your face shape, health history, skin type etc to determine what is the best approach.  She used various guides to determine placement.   Before we started the work, she drew out an outline of the brows that we both agreed upon and then she started the work.  She also did a great job numbing you for comfort, I seriously didn’t feel a thing, just pressure, no pain. 

If you are considering doing any sort of micro pigmentation, I would highly recommend going to Elsa for a consultation.   Also check out her Facebook and Instagram pages for more pictures of her work. I know when I was doing my research I was most impressed by Elsa’s education and the examples of her work.  

I am super pleased with all aspects of my experience and how my eyebrows look. -Heather P.



Elsa is amazing! I scheduled a consult for a lip liner procedure, and Elsa was beyond amazing. I was looking to turn to permanent makeup instead of surgery to correct my Cupid’s Bow. Long story short, as a child I was in an accident involving a dog attack to my face. The result pretty nasty. My upper lip has been through two reconstructive surgeries but my Cupid’s Bow was gone. 
When I met with Elsa, not only was she thorough and informative about the process of permanent makeup, she actually knew so much about scar tissues! She gave me additional information on what I could do with my hypertrophic and keloid scars that don’t require going under the knife. And she referred me to her dermatologist for cortisol shots! All this at the FREE consult. I left the consult so confident and secure with the information Elsa armed me with (she technically didn’t have to do any of that, but it was obvious that she’s dedicated and passionate about folks like me who’ve suffered trauma to their face and want to go about correcting it). After that amazing experience, I went ahead to schedule my appointment. Elsa really does go above and beyond for her clients and her potential clients. At the consult she simply said, “I’d love to help you!” and didn’t pressure me to decide right then and there to schedule an appointment. 

Two days ago, I completed the first session, and I am in love with my Cupid’s Bow!! Going without any shape or form on my upper lip for over a decade to now having a perfect symmetrical Cupid’s Bow has really made me feel like myself again. 

If you’re second guessing a cosmetic procedure, such as permanent makeup, don’t. With Elsa you’re in the best hands you can possibly be. -Michelle C.



I stumbled on Elsa’s beautiful work on Instagram. I traveled all the way from NYC to get my brows microbladed and it was the BEST decision ever! For someone that fills in her eyebrows every morning this has helped me tremendously and they look so natural. I always get compliments on how amazing my eyebrows look from strangers. I would definitely go to elsa to get your eyebrows done! -Jen V.



I made the HUGE mistake of going to Glam’d to get my microblading done.  Luckily, I went to Elsa to fix what had been done.  Initially, I was going to have her remove what Gaby had done at Glam’d, but Elsa said she thought she could fix what had been done and that I would be happy with the result.  She spent almost three hours with me – going over my options and then ultimately doing the microblading.  She was very professional and understanding.  Having gone through this already and not having had a good experience, I was VERY hesitant about trying again.  She answered every question and really put me at ease.  The whole process was completely different than what I’d experienced the first time.  I’m in day 5 of my healing and it has been much easier and nowhere near as traumatic.  My brows don’t look overly dark or the completely wrong color like the first time.  I’m very happy with the shape, size, and color Elsa chose.  I’m really excited to see how they look after two weeks.  Do yourself a favor and go to Elsa the first time around.  -Amy M



Elsa did my scars and scalp- I am really happy.  my light colored scars are blended in so much better with my skin.  My hair looks fuller, I had some hair loss that I wanted to hide.  It all looks natural- which as a guy is really important. -John A.



Elsa is beyond talented!  She is truly a perfectionist and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Your research for someone to trust with permanent makeup stops here!! -Terrin N.



Elsa is indeed a true artist. Her work is impeccable as well as flawless. When it comes to your face, it is something that people see every day and is a reflection of your beauty. That’s why i felt it was so important to make the right decision on who to go to to do my permanent makeup. After following her work for about a year, I decided to travel all the way from Michigan to Chicago to have her do my brows and lips. She was thorough, detailed, and truly listened to what I wanted ( even when I wasn’t exactly sure what would look best ) she took her time, was gentle and precise. She also did a color correction on some old brow work that I had previously had. Her color choices matched perfectly with my natural color skin tones and I couldn’t be happier! Her work looks natural and detailed more than I could have imagined! She was always available for any questions and concerns that I had. She was well worth the trip and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face! -Carina K.



If wasn’t for Elsa I would probably still had horrible eyebrows she did an amazing job covering up my old eyebrow work. Now they look so much better I love it. I like her job so much that I went back and got my top eyelid done lol I was scare it was gonna be painful but no Elsa make sure it was pain free and she did a great job! Thank you. 

-Abuginn P.



I won free microblading from Elsa at her holiday open house, which, right there clues you in to how awesome she is…that’s a huge prize to raffle off! I’m one session in but so far very happy with my brows and that is something that I’ve never been able to say EVER. Elsa is really great at making you feel as comfortable as possible and is one hell of a perfectionist (in the best way since her work is permanent). Highly recommend! -April C. 



I didn’t realize how unprofessional my first Microblader was until after the first step of the process. So I was stuck with no one to do the second half. Then I found Elsa! She is just marvelous. Whereas I was having major discomfort the first time, she made sure that I was completely without pain. She is totally professional, personable and knowledgeable and was willing to finish a job started by someone else. I would highly recommend Elsa to anyone considering Microblading.
-Diane S.



Simply put but not so simply done, Elsa saved me. I had my eyebrows tattooed by the esthetician, Juana Shin, at Northwestern Plastic Surgery (their surgeons are amazing) and if need be I can post the disastrous photos. I was refunded my money but not the problem that she created. Embarrassed and humiliated how I looked, it took me a few months to find someone I could trust to fix this mistake.  I spent extensive time researching and getting more and more confused about how to not only fix my problem but what type of tattooing would work best for me. I turned to yelp. Elsa popped right up, thank god. Called her, scheduled consult and just asked how soon can we start on the correction and then the actual “new” tattooing. I listened, learned and heeded Elsa’s advice. I got a serious lesson in what questions, licenses to ask about for different body applications and was mortified that I’m only now learning about this as I have been getting my eyebrows tattooed, unsatisfactorily, for 20 years. Who would know what questions to ask? Elsa did the correction (listen to her) and has now started my new tattoo’s, I’m beyond ecstatic. Relief cannot be expressed. And among all of the learning, frustrating months that I spent in search of finding Elsa, money was not the first topic of conversation. Every other single tattoo person focused on getting their money upfront and made that the main topic of conversation, not what mattered to me, the patient and how I will look. Thank you respectfully and sincerely, Elsa. -Jennifer B.



After many months of reading reviews and working up the courage to have my eyebrows microbladed/powdered, I finally decided on Elsa from Flawless Permanent Makeup.  I am so happy with my new brows and yes, it was painless.  Elsa is a perfectionist and you will not be disappointed.  She made me feel at ease right from the start, she is truly gifted in her crafts.  She took the time and answered all of my questions and concerns.  I highly recommend Elsa!  
-Debbie C.



I’m so lucky I found Elsa!! 
I learned about her from my hair colorist. While getting my hair washed I looked up and said, “Your eyebrows are amazing.” And she told me that they had been microbladed by Elsa. Within a couple of weeks I was sporting new, amazing eyebrows which I love love love. This is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. First thing in the morning, my eyebrows look perfect and natural– no more powders, pomades or eyebrow brushes. 

She took the time to help me decide what shape I wanted and what my choices were. and the color is dead on. 
After seeing what my colorist’s eyebrows looked like I had absolutely no worries and totally trusted her and I was right to do so. No agonizing over the details: just take the time to go over what you want and then trust the process –and btw, it did not hurt. 

Elsa is the real deal. She is highly trained and has a wall full of the certifications that she has earned. She does more than eyebrows. Go in and look at the work she does and you’ll be ready to sign up. The icing on the cake is that I genuinely like her!! She’s funny, honest and real. She’s also generous and last month was offering a special on areola tattoos for breast cancer patients. 

Don’t hesitate. She’s the best.  -Libby F.



Let’s start by saying I’m a bit of a Perfectionist. I’m an Aesthetician of 11 years and eyebrow shaping is a huge part of what I do. I have enormous and challenging brows that I fill in daily, (the 90s really left my brows patchy) and I have been waiting to find the best in the business to microblade them. Enter Elsa. I checked out her portfolio and loved her work so I decided to go for it. From consult to aftercare, Elsa Milani is professional and informative. She is passionate, thorough, gentle, extremely sanitary and a master at her craft! I’m looking forward to my follow up appointment to finish them up but am extremely happy with the look that we have achieved already. I am referring all of my clients and friends to her because she truly lives up to her name. Flawless Permanent Makeup. Thank you Elsa for perfecting my brows!  -Pamela A. 



I am so glad I went to Elsa for my scalp micropigmentation. I started losing my hair some five years ago and it got to the point that I had to cover my hair all day. My hairline receded two inches and I lost hair on top as well. I looked like Benjamin Franklin! It was depressing to look in the mirror everyday. Elsa did a fantastic job. Even though I still wear headbands, I can now take them off from time to time in front of others without embarrassment. Now I can look in the mirror and not cringe when I see myself. Thank you so much Elsa!  -Lydia U.



Elsa is extremely professional, making you feel comfortable and relaxed while in her chair! She explains everything she is doing step by step! She will guide you and answer any questions you may have when deciding shape, arch, and pigment. She is very knowledgeable with pigment and gave me her professional opinion in regards to the pigment I should chose.
She even taught me a few interesting facts about skin tones and pigments 🙂 
I was very nervous with what my brows were going to look like but she reassured me that everything was going to be okay. 
The day by day healing guide Elsa gives her clients is exactly what happens. 
My second appointment was fast and painfree, just like the first one. Strokes were added and darkened and a few other things were adjusted.  I left feeling extremely confident with a little extra pep in my step! 
Getting microblading was the best decision I’ve made for myself both physically and emotionally! It’s given me a boost in confidence that I never thought I’d get back. 
Elsa’s work is amazing. She is the best artist around. You won’t regret choosing Elsa as your artist! I love her!  -Sophia D.



Being in the beauty industry myself as a busy hair colorist, I’m constantly in the mirror with people and always have my hair and makeup done. It is so nice to not worry about drawing in my eyebrows as a part of my daily routine, my eyebrows were thin and not as arched as I would like them to be, with Elsa magic I now have thick arched sexy brows! Elsa’s work is phenomenal, I have seen others work in the industry and she is the BEST hands down, she makes all things possible very clean and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking about it! I can’t wait for my lips to be done next!

-Stina B.



As someone who filled my eyebrows in every day (when I wasn’t feeling too lazy) and someone who has one eyebrow arch more than the other, I had started looking into microblading after one of my girlfriends had mentioned it. After quite a bit of research I came across Elsa. After reading all of her reviews etc. I had decided this was what I wanted to do, and that Elsa was who I wanted to go to. I have plenty of tattoos, but it definitely felt different that it would be on my face! However, Elsa instilled complete confidence in me, and walked me through every step of the process. First, she talked me through the process, and then drew out my brows as they would be microbladed. She then numbed them for quite a while. It did sting a little bit, but was overall bearable. 

The cost of the microblading included the first session and the touch up session. 

I have had SO many compliments since I had my eyebrows microbladed. They look like I’ve done them whether I’ve just woken up, am just getting out of the shower, headed to work, or out for the night! Would recommend Elsa to anyone looking to get their brows done!

-Maddie S.



I did a ton of research on different permanent makeup artists in the Chicagoland area, and I decided on Elsa because of her beautiful/natural work on her Instagram page. She is an amazing artist, friendly, and very accommodating.  She corrected a scar I had on my upper lip so beautifully, no one would ever know it’s there. A year prior to meeting Elsa, I had a different permanent makeup artist attempt to correct this scar, and she didn’t do nearly as good of a job (probably because the ink she used was too light). Naturally, since I didn’t have the best experience the first time around, I was a bit skeptical of going through this again. But Elsa was very reassuring and seemed genuinely invested in helping me. I’m so glad I decided to go for it. You just have to trust her and the process. I just wish I had met her back when I first attempted to fix this, but it’s all good now and I’m very grateful to have found her! She is definitely one of the best at her craft, and I highly recommend her! -Monica A.



Elsa is really something special! First not to mention that she help me when I was freaking out with my eyebrows that I didn’t like them( did in enfuse medical spa with Irene)start freaking out because I was thinking I’m stuck with them next year or so!she called me saying that she can reverse that and fix it! I wasn’t sure but that was my only option, and she literally saved me from being depressed next year or so! I will never forget and I am always thankful for that! And  since she prove herself that she’s professional in what she’s doing, no I’m doing scalp micro pigmentation with her, and I love my scalp looking fuller with the hair thank you for everything and I’ll be in touch for more work with Elsa  -Diki M.