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Elsa is AMAZING.  I just had my first session with her for my eyebrows, and I am super happy with the results.  I had eyebrow microblading done about 8 years ago in another city by another artist, with good results, however I moved to another city just after my original procedure and have been searching for the right micro pigment artist ever since……. I missed the days when I could wake up and go without having to do my brows.   Given how important it is to do your research, it took me a while to find someone I trust with my face.  I am so happy that I found Elsa.  Here are my top 3 reasons why:


  1. Elsa is super knowledgable, and well educated in both the beauty industry and micro pigmentation. Elsa has numerous certifications and has trained with the best in the beauty and micro pigment industry and it shows.  She also does a lot of corrective work, which is much more difficult, and typically warrants a higher skill level.  


  1. Elsa’s passion. I loved her personal story on what sparked her interest in the business of micro-pigmentation. She really cares about her clients and the work that she does.   She was great about answering any questions I had, and even texted me the following day to see how I was doing. 


  1. Elsa’s approach. I loved that she spent time appropriately assessing your face shape, health history, skin type etc to determine what is the best approach. She used various guides to determine placement.   Before we started the work, she drew out an outline of the brows that we both agreed upon and then she started the work.  She also did a great job numbing you for comfort, I seriously didn’t feel a thing, just pressure, no pain.


If you are considering doing any sort of micro pigmentation, I would highly recommend going to Elsa for a consultation.   Also check out her Facebook and Instagram pages for more pictures of her work. I know when I was doing my research I was most impressed by Elsa’s education and the examples of her work. 


I am super pleased with all aspects of my experience and how my eyebrows look.  Heather P.


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