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 Say goodbye to your Makeup headaches!  Wake up and go Cosmetics that stay true to color and look natural!  No more applying and reapplying your Brows, Lips, or Eyeliner everyday!  Permanent Makeup & Microblading is your solution Chicago!  Elsa has performs over 1,200 procedures every year.  Consultations are Free for all Services.  Please read the “Read Before Appointment” Page before coming in. 

A Consultation before booking a procedure is mandatory for: Removal, Corrective Work, Touch Ups from another Artist, Scalp Micropigmentation, Skin/Scar/Stretch Mark Camouflage, & Areola Micropigmentation Procedures.



Elsa Milani is an Internationally Trained Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, CPCP, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) & National Tattoo Association Inc Member in good standing, a Licensed Cosmetologist for 10+ years in New York & Illinois, & a Published Magazine Author.  She is the Committee Head for the SPCP’s Young Professionals Committee.  She studied Permanent Makeup at Advanced Permanent Makeup Academy, Philosophy, Psychology, and Fine Arts at Northeastern University, & Attended Cosmetology school in High School.  Elsa is the head of the Youth Committee for the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Organization.  Elsa got into Permanent Makeup because it is what corrected her face after enduring a dog attack and reconstruction surgery.  She deeply cares about her clients and pays attention to detail!  

She is one of the leading & best Permanent Makeup, & Medical Tattoo Artists in the Midwest & Chicago.  Specializing in Microblading Eyebrows, Corrections, and Scalp Micropigmentation.  Elsa is referred by several Chicago-land Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Medical Spas, Dermatologists, Doctors, Body Tattoo Shops, & Local Salons.  She performs over 1,200 procedures a year.

Specializing in Corrections|

 1 out of 5 Clients that go to Elsa are seeking corrections from a bad experience received elsewhere.  She is dedicated to enhancing every clients natural beauty with equally natural looking results, while keeping the integrity of the skin intact.  The most aesthetically pleasing face is a balanced & symmetrical face.  Elsa takes in account each client’s unique face shape, bone structure, eye set, facial proportions, skin type, complexion, & undertones when choosing the best technique, colors, & design.  Permanent Makeup is not a one size fits all.  She then measures each client by hand & digitally when creating the design to offset any natural asymmetry, create balance & proper proportions.  Elsa uses only top of the line products, pigments, anesthetics, and equipment.  She is a Permanent Makeup Expert.   Please take a moment to  review Elsa’s Credentials  page to view all of her certifications.

Microblading Chicago


Highly Trained|

Elsa is constantly taking Advanced Classes to continue her education and excel her skill level.  Specializing in Revision & Corrective Work, 3D Hairstroke Microbladed Eyebrows, Microshading, Powder Eyebrows, Combination Eyebrows, Ombre Eyebrows, Lips, Eyeliner, PMU Saline Salt Removal, Scalp Aesthetics, & Scar/Skin Camouflage.  She has traveled internationally and has spent countless hours training with the best in the business.


Elsa’s Philosophy: 


Flawless Permanent Makeup is; certified, incorporated, insured, inspected, properly zoned & permitted.  Flawless Inc is also in compliance with IL Health Department, & abides by OSHA Laws & Regulations.  Flawless Inc has an A+ rating and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  


Healed 3D Brows


Why Get Cosmetic or Medical Tattoos?   Simple Look Your Best All Day- Everyday!  #wokeuplikethis #flawless

 Get natural looking results to enhance your natural beauty that stays true to color!  Imagine waking up everyday with your Eyeliner, Brows, and Lips in place and ready to go! What Elsa can do goes deeper than cosmetic- she can reconstruct an area after a surgery, accident, or disorder with a Medical Tattoo (AKA Paramedical Tattoo such as Scalp Micropigmnetation, 3D Areola Reconstruction Micropigmentation, & Scar Camouflage). 

Healed Eyeliner

What else?  Correct any asymmetry to better balance your facial features- the most aesthetically pleasing face is a well balanced symmetrical one!  Get fuller, more defined looking lips without needing costly fillers every 6-12 months!  Suffer from hair loss?  Get instant hair loss camouflaging and/or hairline reconstructing results with Scalp Micropigmentation!  Fill in the missing gaps and create seamless symmetrical brows with Microblading or Eyebrow Permanent Makeup.  A great alternative for those who do not want to undergo Hair Restoration Surgeries and wait the 6-12 Months to see possible results.  Treat & blend in scars, hypopigmentation (skin missing pigment), and stretch marks.  Permanent Cosmetics are for both men and women!   There are options!  Flawless Inc uses only the best FDA compliant pigments, machines, anesthetic, and needles on clients.  These services are great for people on the go, who are tired of applying and reapplying makeup everyday; Athletes, Busy Moms, Military, Medical Professionals, Law Enforcement, individuals who suffer from poor eyesight or shaky hands, the list goes on!   Everyone wants to look their best but who has the time to tediously apply and reapply makeup daily?  The solution is here!  I’m proud to make the world a prettier place, one face at a time!

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Consultations are Free for All Services. Please Read the “Read Before Appointment” Page Before Coming in.  A Consultation before booking a procedure is mandatory for: Removal, Corrective Work, Touch Ups From Another Artist, Scalp Micropigmentation, Skin/Scar/Stretch Mark Camouflage, & Areola Micropigmentation Procedures.  If you wish to do a Consult and Brow, Lip, or Eyeliner Procedure or Microblading same day and have Virgin Skin read the “Read Before Appointment” page to check that you are a candidate for desired procedure.  Especially if you are coming from out of town.  If are a candidate you may then book a Procedure online ( you do not need to book free Consult and Procedure back to back, only book the procedure and we will do the formal Consult and Procedure same day.)  If you are not sure you are a candidate or have any questions, especially if you are coming from out of town please contact Elsa.  A $50 Deposit is required to book a procedure, no deposit is necessary when booking a free consult only.  Thank you! 




Questions Before Booking an Appointment?  

Please fill out the form below and Elsa will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  Consultations are encouraged, you may book an appointment online.  *Any corrective, removal, scar/skin/stretch mark, areola, or scalp procedures must come in prior for a complimentary consultation for Elsa to assess your skin & area prior to tattooing.  Thank you! 





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Our Beautiful Chicago Clinic!

Elsa has a stylish suite inside of Salons by JC.  Elsa’s Clients enjoy Hulu, Netflix, or Pandora to relax while being numbed and worked on.  Clients frequently comment on how clean and cozy the procedure room is. 

Many clients are also pleasantly surprised about how little; to no pain was experienced during their procedure!  Elsa believes “a numb client is a happy client!”   Only sterile, one time use disposable needles, FDA approved products, top of the line products & equipment are used!  SDS (Safety Data Sheets) are available for all products/pigments used upon request.  Our location has been approved by IL Health Department & is in a Permitted Tattooing Zone in Chicago. 

Credentials are located on the credentials page and certificates & awards are also present in the procedure room.  Healed photos of Elsa’s beautiful work is available on the portfolio page or Instagram/Facebook.  Please check out all of Elsa’s 5 star reviews on Yelp (including the unrecommended section on the bottom of the page), Google, & Facebook! 




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 Consultations Are FREE For All Services.  Please contact Elsa to book in NYC.



Appointments Only|  Requires a $50 Deposit to Book a Procedure, and 24 Hour Notice for Cancellation|Rescheduling.  No Deposit Required for Consultations. Elsa has the right to refuse service if she feels the client is not a good candidate for the procedure at time of appointment.

Hours| Based on Appointments| Open Thursday- Monday| Also offers Evening & Weekend Appointments.

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Located| Chicago| Inside of Salons by JC2860 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657 |2nd Floor Suite 19.|  Closest intersection is Diversey & Broadway.

Parking| Validated in Building Garage Parking Available: Broadway Surf.| Take North Elevator to 2nd Floor, Suite 19

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Phone| 646.740.6247


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Grand opening of second location in NYC SOON TO COME!

NYC| By Demand| Blood Sweat & Tattoos 7802 13’th Ave, Brooklyn, NY| Flawless Staten Island 1065 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305

Elsa primarily works out of her Chicago shop, please contact to inquire about travel dates to book in NYC.






Completed extensive training with some of the industries finest in the United States & Internationally.  Earning Certifications for every Procedure offered & it’s variations out to date.| Attended Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Academy & Scalpa Academy (Scalp Micropigmentation.)| Completed 100 Hours of Fundamental PMU Training, Advanced Apprenticeships, & Master Classes.  |Certified Permanent Makeup Technician, CPCP| Licensed Cosmetologist of 10+ Years. (Attended Beauty School in High School.) | Psychology & Philosophy Undergrad at Northeastern University.| Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) Proud Member| Passed the CPCP Exam Earning the CPCP Title (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional through the SPCP.  Must pass exam with 81% or higher.)| Scalp Guru Certified| OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Certified| Body Art Certified| Incorporated| Insured| Trademarked| Inspected|Compliant with all State, Health Department, & OSHA Laws, Regulations, & Requirements.


Recommended by the SPCP, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals!  An organization that prides itself of providing/requiring top of the line education, as well as setting the standards and a code of ethics for the Permanent Cosmetic Industry!  Elsa is a Proud Member and CPCP Artist!

Meet Elsa Milani|

 Elsa is the founder and owner of Flawless Permanent Makeup Inc.  She is a member in good standing with the highly recognized and respected Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) & is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP.)  She is also a 10+ Year Licensed Cosmetologist with a strong background in color theory and aesthetics.  She is an Insured & Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician with several Advanced Training Certifications.  Located in Chicago, Illinois.  She guest Tattoo’s by demand in NYC, NJ, LA.  She attended Cosmetology School in High School at BOCES Tech, Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Academy for Microblading|Permanent Cosmetics, and Scalpa Academy for Scalp Micropigmentation.  Trained by some of the best in the Permanent Cosmetic Industry.  Reputable and highly respected Trainers/Artists such as:  Bryce Cleveland, April Meese, Erin Golightly, Kim Morgan, Kristina Melnicenco, Teryn Darling, Brenda David, Alec Kurucz, Tatjana Petraitis, Kim Filion, Daria Chuprys, Pat Shibley-Gauthier, Aleksandra Wasik, Ana Christine Cosme, Victoria Tomashivskaya, and Vicki Hansen a 25+ year vet in the Permanent Makeup Industry. She is constantly traveling all over the world to take Master classes to perfect her craft and continuously learn.  She is referred by several local beauty business professionals; Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Med Spas, Salons, and Cosmetic Dentist.

Elsa comes from a long line of known and talented Artists.  She is the granddaughter of British Natives; Tony Hepburn; world renown Ceramic Artist whom not only traveled the world creating Art but also taught a Masters Program at the Chicago Institute of Art, and Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. Ron Nixon; known Rug Designer, and Pauline Hepburn; Painter and University Art Professor.  Growing up amongst artists, art had a very powerful and influential part of Elsa’s life.  She uses her artistic abilities and passion for aesthetics & psychology in a way that she feels combines both creating beauty and helping people.  

click to learn more about my grandfather Tony Hepburn

How she got into Permanent Cosmetics and away from Cosmetic Makeup and Hair is when Permanent Cosmetics literally restored and reconstructed her face!  She suffered a dog attack, leaving 30+ stitches in her face; devastating was an understatement.  After undergoing 2 reconstructive scar revision surgeries she was left with stitch line scars, discoloration, and a very asymmetrical lip line.  It was a harsh reality realizing surgery could only do so much.  But she didn’t give up, after a few years of dealing with the scar using cosmetic makeup Elsa grew tired of the never ending routine, and constant concern if her makeup was wearing off leaving her scars exposed. She had enough and found the solution!  Permanent Makeup and Scar Camouflage Medical Tattoo!  Fabulous NYC Permanent Cosmetic Artist: April Meese did an amazing transformation!  Go to to read my testimonial.  April later became one of Elsa’s mentors and trainers.  The results from April’s work were night and day, the scars were camouflaged, her lip line symmetrical and well defined again!   She felt back to her old self for the first time in almost 10 years!  Many people say that looking at Elsa now you would never believe she had ever endured a dog attack, underwent reconstructive surgeries, or has Permanent Makeup.  She wants that same reaction for all of her clients.  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!  That part of her journey is what inspired her to learn the craft and pay it forward!  She takes altering someones appearance permanently very seriously.  Her goal is to provide top of the line procedures, that create natural looking results.  Meanwhile keeping the integrity of the clients skin intact.   

She now does all of her own Permanent Cosmetics- Brows, Scar Camouflage, Blush Lips, and Eyeliner.  She truly loves what she does and believes in the positive change and impact permanent makeup can bring in a person’s life. 

Elsa’s Lips & Scar Correction By Elsa.


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Fun Fact: Elsa Does ALL of her OWN Permanent Cosmetics.  Includes; Scar Camouflage on her face, Top Lid Eyeliner, Blush Lips, and Combination Eyebrows!




Simply put but not so simply done, Elsa saved me. I had my eyebrows tattooed by the esthetician, Juana Shin, at Northwestern Plastic Surgery (their surgeons are amazing) and if need be I can post the disastrous photos. I was refunded my money but not the problem that she created. Embarrassed and humiliated how I looked, it took me a few months to find someone I could trust to fix this mistake.  I spent extensive time researching and getting more and more confused about how to not only fix my problem but what type of tattooing would work best for me. I turned to yelp. Elsa popped right up, thank god. Called her, scheduled consult and just asked how soon can we start on the correction and then the actual “new” tattooing. I listened, learned and heeded Elsa’s advice. I got a serious lesson in what questions, licenses to ask about for different body applications and was mortified that I’m only now learning about this as I have been getting my eyebrows tattooed, unsatisfactorily, for 20 years. Who would know what questions to ask? Elsa did the correction (listen to her) and has now started my new tattoo’s, I’m beyond ecstatic. Relief cannot be expressed. And among all of the learning, frustrating months that I spent in search of finding Elsa, money was not the first topic of conversation. Every other single tattoo person focused on getting their money upfront and made that the main topic of conversation, not what mattered to me, the patient and how I will look. Thank you respectfully and sincerely, Elsa.  

Jennifer B.



Deposit & Cancellation Policy| 

A $50 Non-Refundable Deposit is Required to Book a Procedure and Hold Your Time Slot.   No Deposit is needed for a Complimentary Consultation.  We accept all major credit cards or cash.  If you schedule a Procedure online Elsa will call to collect the $50 Deposit.  24 Hour Notice is required for cancellation/rescheduling any appointment.  There is a $50 Cancellation fee if 24 Hours is not given.  We take all major credit cards or cash.  Please be advised that Elsa may be booked weeks to months in advance, we will do our best to accommodate you but immediate rescheduling is not guaranteed.  To get in at the appropriate time frame for your packaged session or free second session please schedule at your procedure date if applicable.  If you give the appropriate notice we will move your deposit to hold your new appointment date.  However if you cancel within 24 hours of appointment you forfeit your deposit or a $50 cancellation fee will be applied.  No deposit is required for free consults or packaged sessions, however if 24 hours is not given to reschedule or cancel a $50 cancellation fee will be applied.   

Arriving 15+ minutes late is the same as being a same day cancellation and missing your appointment.  You will have to be rescheduled and pay the $50 cancellation fee before being rebooked.  If you are 15+ minutes late then you are running into the next clients scheduled appointment, which is not fair, you will have to reschedule.  Elsa does well at staying on schedule, however please keep in mind that she is managing pain and is permanently altering her clients appearance, if she is running a few minutes behind please be understanding.  

Due to IL Health Departments Regulations please arrange child care for your procedure appointment.  It also can be very distracting for Staff to have children in the room while we are trying to work on you.  Anyone under 16 is not permitted in the procedure room.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 



I (Elsa Milani) have the right to deny service if I feel the procedure will potentially cause more harm than good.  Or if I feel you are not a good candidate for the procedure or if I feel that I cannot meet your expectations. 



EVERYONE IS WELCOME!   Elsa is a Proud member of Safe In My Chair supporting the LGBTQ Community, and Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce.    






In Collaboration With|  

 Flawless Permanent Makeup By Elsa, Inc. proudly collaborates with SpaDerma, Dream Dry, Altruistic Esthetics, Lift Body Center, Marquin Hair Salon (John), & Marina Fichera Salon .  These local establishments offer exclusive deals to Flawless Clients only!  They’re work is impeccable!





Client Testimonials|” Elsa is a Microblading Queen, best decision I ever made!  I couldn’t be happier and cannot wait to go back!” Madeline C. 




Wake up everyday… 



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Questions Before Booking?  Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you shortly.  Thank you!


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