Credentials- What To Look For


Elsa Milani is an Internationally Trained Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, CPCP, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Member & National Tattoo Association Inc Member in good standing, a Licensed Cosmetologist for 10+ years in New York & Illinois, & a Published Magazine Author for Permanent Cosmetics.  She studied Philosophy, Psychology, and Fine Arts in College.  

She is one of the leading Permanent Cosmetic & Medical Tattoo Artists in the Midwest.  Elsa is referred by several Chicago-land Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Medical Spas, Dermatologists, Cosmetic Dentists, Local Salons, and Beauty Professionals.


Specializing in Corrections|

 1 out of 5 Clients that go to Elsa are seeking corrections from a bad experience received elsewhere.  She is dedicated to enhancing every clients natural beauty with equally natural looking results while keeping the integrity of the skin intact.  The most aesthetically pleasing face is a balanced & symmetrical face.  Elsa takes in account each client’s unique face shape, bone structure, eye set, facial proportions, skin type, complexion, & undertones when choosing the best technique, colors, & design.  Permanent Makeup is not a one size fits all.  She then measures each client by hand & digitally when creating the design to offset any natural asymmetry, create balance & proper proportions.  Elsa uses only top of the line products, pigments, anesthetics, and equipment.   


Highly trained|

Elsa is constantly taking Advanced Classes to continue her education and excel her skill level.  She has invested hundreds of hours in advanced training.  Specializing in Revision & Corrective Work, 3D Hairstroke Microbladed Eyebrows, Microshading, Powder Eyebrows, Combination Eyebrows, Ombre Eyebrows, Lips, Eyeliner, PMU Saline Salt Removal, Scalp Aesthetics, & Scar/Skin Camouflage. 

Elsa recommends to do your homework on your artist!  Unfortunately the industry is not regulated enough legally and there are people out there tattooing/microblading after only taking a 2 day course!  Check our credentials first.  Elsa has spent many hours and thousands of dollars, traveling all over the world to be trained by the best in each technique she offers.  She has always been an artist and has a background in fine arts and Cosmetology before she became a Permanent Makeup Artist.  

 Here are some tips of what to look for when selecting an Artist:

  • Proof of training; 100 hours minimum of fundamental training and certifications in every procedure/technique offered thereafter. 
  • A part of a reputable organization in the industry and the community, such as; SPCP (Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals), SCALPA, Scalp Guru, Chamber of Commerce, ect.
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau 
  • Insured
  • Incorporated, LLC, or DBA, plus a valid business license.
  • Valid Bloodborne Pathogen Certified.  (Artist must renew yearly.)
  • Inspected and approved by Health Department.
  • View portfolio, including HEALED photos of his/her work.
  • Read their reviews.


Flawless Permanent Makeup is; certified, incorporated, insured, inspected, zoned, & properly permitted.  Flawless Inc is in compliance with IL Health Department, & abides by OSHA Laws & Regulations.