The Ultimate Guide to Permanent Makeup

Choosing to get permanent makeup is a huge decision. While forever flawless eyebrows or an always perfectly winged eyeliner is a dream come true for many women—and men—it is important to be fully informed when taking a decision that is likely to affect you for several years.

What is Permanent Makeup?

A cosmetic tattooing procedure a lot like regular tattooing, permanent makeup procedures use electrical needles and ink that is tailor-made for use on the face. It gives you natural looking, semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, or whatever else you want to get done.

Permanent makeup is a great way to cut down on your makeup application time and salon visits, while still having perfect brows. Imagine not having to sit through another painful session of eyebrow threading for years!

Why Do People Opt For Permanent Makeup?

There are tons of reasons why people come to us for permanent makeup procedures. From eyesight problems and nervous system issues, to loss of hair from old age, after-effects of chemotherapy or hereditary baldness, permanent makeup offers people a chance to feel better about their appearance.

Why Do People Opt For Permanent Makeup

Is Permanent Makeup Really Permanent?

The answer to that is no, permanent makeup is not likely to last you your entire life. Results tend to fade over time as the pigments break down in the skin. However, for many people, while fading may occur, it never completely disappears. With regular touch-ups every few years, most people can make their procedure last a lifetime.

What Are The Most Commonly Used Techniques?

There are two basic techniques used by estheticians during a permanent cosmetic procedure; machine and microblading.


As the name suggests, this technique uses a cosmetic tattoo machine specially designed for use on the face. They operate at a much lower frequency than a regular tattoo machine, and have needles of varying sizes attached. The dyes used are also specially formulated for facial use and do not penetrate deeper than the dermis.


Typically only used for the eyebrows, microblading is done using a hand-held tool with a tiny blade at the end, that gives estheticians greater control over their strokes and can create more natural-looking eyebrows.

What Can I Achieve With Permanent Makeup?

Even though eyeliner and eyebrow tattooing are the most common treatments people go for, there are a number of other areas permanent makeup can help you with:

Lip Blush

A lip blush treatment can make thin lips look fuller by defining the natural lip line and bringing color to the center of the lips to make them look more plump.

Lash Enhancement

This treatment creates a thin line on your lash line, filling in empty spaces in the process to give you fuller, thicker eyelashes.

Hair Loss Treatments

Whether due to old age, premature balding, or medical conditions such as alopecia, trichotillomania, or chemotherapy, many people lose hair on their scalps, eyebrows, or eyelashes. Permanent makeup can help restore all sorts of lost hair and is a popular procedure for both men and women.

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