Apprenticeship Opportunties



Elsa is a big believer in continued Education and has invested thousands to be trained herself by the best in the business.  She does not momentarily train herself, however she does offer Apprenticeship Programs for those wanting to advance in their career, perspective, and skill set.  She can also refer you to CREDITABLE Trainers for formal training and continued Education.  An Apprenticeship in tattooing is when you shadow the Artist while she works on real clients.  It does not replace formal training for a technique or procedure you have not learned before.  During breaks & at the end of the day any questions you may have Elsa will answer.  She requires that you have your 100 hours of basic training already completed and a valid OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Certification in order to shadow her.  For more information please fill out the form below and Elsa will personally get back to you as soon as possible.