Aftercare Now & Then



Elsa will advise you specifically on your aftercare instructions.  You will be provided with verbal & written instructions.  As well as an aftercare kit.  Be advised that there are different instructions for different procedures.  Follow the aftercare instructions provided to avoid ruining the work Elsa did- very important!  Contact Elsa directly anytime between 10AM-9PM if you have any questions or concerns, unless it is an emergency.  If signs of infection occur contact Elsa right away and see your Doctor.  There is no down time- many people resume their work and normal lives after procedure.  A slight sunburn like feeling and is normal for 12-24 hours.  Some swelling is also normal- expect it to go down 4-48 hours after procedure- consult doctor about taking ibuprofen after procedure to help with inflammation and any discomfort.  

What to expect while healing from Brows. *Note that the color goes away after the crust comes off & comes back 4-8 weeks after procedure.


What to expect while healing from Lips. *Note that the color looks intense @ 1’st & then goes away after the crust comes off & comes back 4-8 weeks after procedure.

General Immediate Aftercare

  • Microblading, Removal, & Scalp dry heal- keep dry until crust/scab is off on average 5-10 days.  The level of scabbing/crusting varies with each person.
  • Most scabs/crust is on 3-10 days on average depending on procedure.  Expect dry skin for a month or so after procedure- moisturize with gentle-sensitive skin moisturizer or for lips chapstick.   (NOT Carmex.)
  • Scalp- Keep dry, wash in 3-5 days gently with baby shampoo after procedure.  Continue using baby shampoo for a month.
  • Areola & Scars wash gently daily with antibacterial soap & Apply thin layer of ointment.
  • Lips| Powder Brows| Ombre Brows| Eyeliner| Lips: Apply Ointment 2x Daily. Thin Layer.  Skin needs Oxygen to Heal/Breathe- do not over apply ointment and suffocate skin to prevent infection.
  • Stay out of the sun, this could cause hyperpigmentation during first month of healing. Once scab is off in 5-10 days apply sunscreen when walking around outside.  Do not tan the face long term- Sun will prematurely fade pigment/ cause a color shift.
  • Do not soak, keep dry other than washing instructions if applicable.  Blotting the area with Witch Hazel IF verbally instructed. (If you feel the area got dirty or touched blot with Witch Hazel.)
  • No working out while scab/crust is on. Salt is in sweat & pushes out pigment.  Blot with tissue if you get sweaty.
  • Avoid dusty, dirty, muddy environments while crust/scab is present. 
  • Stay out of chlorine or salt water for 2 weeks.
  • Get Botox 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after procedure.
  • Get Filler 6 weeks before or 6 weeks after procedure.
  • Do not pick at the area, you will pull out the pigment.
  • Expect the color to look lighter, greyish or light, and blotchy after crust/scab has come off.
  • Expect the scab to make the area look more intense & dark. It was soften & lighten once healed.
  • You will see healed results in 4-8 weeks AFTER day of procedure.
  • Annual touch ups are on average every 1-3 years from last session for Brows.  Eyes|Lips|Scars  2-5 years.  Areola| Scalp 3-8 years.
  • Once crust/scab is off you may get the area wet and apply clean cosmetic makeup on area until the color comes thru.
  • Eyes- no mascara for 48 hours.  If you must resume in 48 hours only apply on tips of lashes and must use clean/new tube.  Old tube may resume after 2 weeks.  Wear glasses while the crust is on.
  • Do not pluck or shave brows or around area tattooed until scabs/crust is fully off.
  • Change your pillowcase or bedding after procedure, and wear loose clean clothes if applicable.  Scalp do not wear a hat until scabs are off.
  • If you use any Retinoids/Retin-A ect, aggressive exfoliators, acids other than Hyaluronic Acid, or undergo chemical peels or laser treatments (especially fractional or IPL) do so/ keep product 1 inch away from tattooed area to avoid premature fading. It travels under the skin.
  • Itchy, Red/Pink Skin, are signs of healing skin- do not be alarmed. It takes on average 28-30 days for our cells to turn over.  Unfortunately, natural skin cell turnover slows as you age. A natural process that takes two weeks for babies takes three to four weeks for teens. Once past your teens, your skin generally renews itself once a month (about every 30 to 40 days or after a trauma/procedure) but gets even more sluggish after 50, renewing itself only 45 to 90 days.

Long Term Aftercare Instructions

  • Clean area 2x daily with witch hazel (Dickinsons is good), or a gentle/sensitive skin cleanser. Apply gentle/sensitive skin moisturizer (Cerave is great),  or lip hydrator (for lips only) on tattoo to enhance color/ improve health of skin.  You may apply Prosil (found on amazon) or/& pure vitamin-e oil on area at night to help heal any scar tissue.  For Permanent Makeup Procedures 1-2x a month take mascara wand and rub away dry skin (start this the second month after your procedure.)  For Body Tattoos use Sugar & Water or a GENTLE Exfoliator with no anti-aging, acids, or acne ingredients to Exfoliate with 2x a month.  Dry skin can/will mute the color of your permanent makeup or tattoo.  Apply SPF Sunscreen 30+ when outdoors- do not tan the area.  It will prematurely fade the pigment/cause a color shift.  If you use any Retinoids/Retin-A ect, aggressive exfoliators, bleaching creams, acids (other than Hyaluronic Acid), or undergo chemical peels or laser (especially Fractional or IPL) do so/ keep product 1 inch away from brows to avoid premature fading.  It travels under the skin.  Use your other skin care products on the rest of your face or body.  You may apply cosmetic makeup on the area if desired.